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while people around the world are focused on staying healthy and safe from the Corona virus, authorities say some are trying to cash in on this public health crisis, but the authorities are stopping them in their tracks.
Face masks are in high demand, with many people using them hoping to prevent transmissions of the virus, which is why Ukraine has banned the export of masks during this crisis.
The move comes after authorities stopped a car on the Polish side of Ukraine's border that they say had 50,000 masks inside the trunk.
Ukraine's head of customs says the masks have become more popular than cigarettes in terms of items to smuggle across the border.
In just one weekend, the government seemed 130,000 masks that they say people were attempting to sell abroad.
In Spain, the government is also seizing masks, but not necessarily from criminals.
An emergency state order is allowing authorities to confiscate products that are needed to control the spread of Corona virus.
The Civil Guard took 150,000 face masks from a factory in the country southern province and sent them to a hospital in Madrid more than 300 people have already died from the disease in Spain and in California, Border Patrol agents say they've prevented something potentially harmful from hitting the streets.
Alleged Counterfeit Corona Virus Tests CBP agents say they intercepted a package from the UK containing plastic bags with vials labeled Virus One test kit.
The shipment was turned over to the Food and Drug Administration.
The agency encouraged the public to be vigilant about bogus home testing kits and to seek out authorized testing sites for the most accurate diagnosis for inside edition dot com on Marah Montalbano.
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Coronavirus Crackdowns: Authorities Seize Masks, Fake Tests

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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