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  • What are these bears doing there?

  • Here are some of our favorite stories of theirs being where they shouldn't be.

  • Hey, that food isn't for you.

  • This curious cub got into a yard and went after two bird feeders.

  • After a bit of a struggle, it was able to successfully dumped the sea.

  • Done of one of them.

  • This feast was interrupted by a loyal dog who confronted the breeding bear and bravely chased it away.

  • Let this be a lesson.

  • Bird food is not for bears.

  • This bear broke into the wrong place.

  • Ah, police station surveillance video at a California Highway Patrol facility shows the intruder turned the door knob and casually walk inside its reflection in the glass window.

  • Shows it, walk down the hall and turn a corner.

  • But it must have changed its mind because it turned around and walked right back out the door it came into.

  • Some officer is trying to track it down, but the culprit was long gone.

  • Dude, that was this bear trying to commit Grand Theft Auto in your car.

  • They open the door.

  • A North Carolina family watched from inside their house as the animal broke into their car in the driveway.

  • They were impressed with its ability to open the door.

  • We've seen them getting into the trash before, but it was pretty crazy to see open a door and get in.

  • Lucky for them, the bear wasn't too impressed with the car's interior and walked away.

  • But this bear got inside a house and then helped itself toe what was in the fridge We just heard tougher where being open really aggressively.

  • Hayes Sherman and his family were staying at the rental home in California when the hungry bear barged in the beast, chow down on some taco meat and then wandered around the house into the TV room where Sherman and his friend were hanging out.

  • He says he used his smartwatch toe, warn his mom, who was on the other side of the house.

  • I was part of being a mother of two Children upstairs and not able to get to them.

  • The team then called local law enforcement, and a sheriff's deputy showed up to tranquilize the bear.

  • Yeah, this Colorado couple found themselves in a similar situation and fought the bear off themselves.

  • She just pushed it open and walked him.

  • Surveillance video from the home shows a Mama Bear and two cubs walk up onto the deck of Georgia and Field and John Johnson's home.

  • Mama used her nose to slide the door open.

  • John says he tried to bang on the walls to scare the bear off, but it didn't work.

  • That's when he found himself in a fist fight with a wild animal.

  • She swatted me in the face and I turned.

  • You get hurt.

  • So we started playing a little bit of a sachet dancing, and that's where the scratches came in.

  • I was staying away from her teeth.

  • This was all hallmarks.

  • The bear got in a few good swipes, almost taking John's nose off, then George and stepped in with a baseball bat.

  • I rest the bear on the bet.

  • Okay, all I remembered with Big Brown, for it was enough to send the bear and Cubs running scared.

  • Despite John's injuries, this couple is relieved they weren't worse.

  • I'm too so good that he's okay, really.

What are these bears doing there?

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