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Keeping cool under pressure is an art 2
and these people have it mastered. 3
Here's a look at some of the chillest people 4
we've seen thus far. 5
Could you react like this if someone was pointing 6
a gun right at you? 7
This terrifying scene unfolded at a bar 8
in St. Louis, Missouri. 9
All the other patrons dropped to the floor, 10
but Tony Tovar just paid for his beer 11
and he's gonna finish it. 12
He actually asked me, 13
"I need the money outta your wallet!" 14
I just said, I got two dollars in my wallet 15
and that's for my next beer. 16
Even while the gunman sticks his rifle 17
into Tony's side and tries to grab his phone, nope. 18
Then Tony lights a cigarette. 19
Sometimes you just have to stand up to punks like that. 20
But even though Tony was unharmed, he does not 21
suggest anyone else do the same. 22
What's your name, bud? 23
This South Carolina cop remained 24
calm and thought quick, managing to stop a man 25
from leaping off of a bridge 26
with sports talk. Is that your name? 27
You like watchin' football? 28
Who's your team? 29
Washington. 30
NFL, the Redskins? 31
Who do they play this Sunday? 32
Think they're gonna win tomorrow night? 33
Think, I'm gonna be out here riding around Saturday, 34
Sunday night, I'm gonna see and we're gonna talk 35
about the Redskins game. 36
It was their mutual hatred 37
of the Dallas Cowboys that united them both 38
and brought the man back from the ledge. 39
You mind if I reach for your hand, 40
can I do that? 41
Can I do that, bud? 42
Come on back over. 43
Come on over. 44
Paramedics brought him to safety. 45
(screaming) 46
At 16, could you stay grounded enough 47
through all that chaos to deliver a baby? 48
Morlie Hayes did, while helping her aunt give birth 49
with some assistance from 911. 50
Listen carefully and do exactly as I say. 51
I want you to get some dry towels and a blanket 52
to wrap the baby in. Dry towels, okay. 53
And I need you to get a string 54
or a shoelace to tie around the umbilical 55
cord after delivery. 56
Okay. 57
I was a little bit in shock at first, 58
but then I kinda got into the zone where I was like, 59
I'm gonna have to make sure that this baby's okay. 60
She did fine. 61
(aunt screaming) 62
The baby came out, the baby came out, 63
the baby came out! 64
The baby's come out? 65
The whole baby? 66
Okay. 67
Stay on the line with me, okay? 68
And just like that, 69
little Kayla Faith arrived. 70
Good thing for the tiny tot, just days before 71
big cousin Morlie had learned how to deliver a baby, 72
during a class at her Utah high school. 73
These three teens are super calm. 74
Perched on top of their capsized boat in the middle 75
of the Atlantic Ocean. 76
We're in the middle of the ocean. 77
We flipped a boat. 78
Everybody a good swimmer, or no? 79
Yes, we're all strong swimmers. 80
We were making jokes, just trying to keep the mood light. 81
They'd been on a fishing trip 82
off the Florida Keys, when water started pouring 83
into their boat. 84
How man people are there? 85
Three. 86
Three? 87
Do you guys have life jackets? 88
Our life jackets are underneath the boat, 89
we didn't have time to get them. 90
About how far off shore are you? 91
A couple miles. 92
There are boats nearby us, but they can't hear us. 93
It paid to keep calm. 94
An hour later rescuers arrived and brought them to safety. 95
♪ Mary, did you know? ♪ 96
And these high school students 97
in Georgia break into a Christmas song 98
as a tornado rages outside. 99
♪ Mary, did you know that your baby boy ♪ 100
♪ Will calm a storm with his hand? ♪ 101
Proving sweet sounds really do 102
soothe the soul. 103
For InsideEdition.com, I'm Stephanie Officer.
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Are These the Most Chill People Ever?

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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