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  • Hey, how's it going today?

  • I'm in Hanada airport because I was working in Tokyo on tonight.

  • I'm flying back to school.

  • I have a lot of free time cause I came here two hours early, so I'm trying to figure out how to kill time like before my flight.

  • And, uh, not much to do, but I have my camera and I don't log enough.

  • So this is gonna be a day that I blogged.

  • Let's wander around Haneda Airport on, see what there is.

  • You think he's going arrivals, huh?

  • This looks so good.

  • I guess one of the perks to checking in super early is that I'll be able to choose, like, hopefully a better seat.

  • Um, I don't really like sitting next to people.

  • And at least if it's a window seat, I can kind of like face the other way.

  • Like he's out the rest of the world.

  • Let's take a look.

  • Hope there's a window seat, but everywhere else only middle seats.

  • Holy shit, have C s.

  • I got the last one.

  • So this is my ticket.

  • My flight is at 6 40 and it is currently 501 So we have an hour.

  • I really, really, really like airplanes.

  • And I love watching fly and they take off the land and stuff.

  • So I'm gonna go see if the observation deck is any good.

  • You don't have a choice.

  • You're watching.

  • So you have to come with me.

  • There's nobody.

  • Hi, I've been defeated, so I'm pretty sure I've explained this before.

  • But Japan has this huge gift giving culture where it's like wherever you go somewhere, it's customary that you buy souvenirs for, like, your co workers, your friends.

  • So, like all these places are competing to sell their only get seven years.

  • It's all food.

  • But it's like it's not who they get yourself.

  • It's food you have given way.

  • Think I'm just gonna go straight through the gates?

  • It's so dark in here.

  • So now we're on the other side of the country gates.

  • I'm kind of hungry, so I'm gonna go look for something.

  • Not 6 26 6 27 13 minutes before my flight.

  • And now I gotta run to the gate.

  • Don't, Don't.

Hey, how's it going today?

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Hanging Out @ Tokyo Haneda Airport 羽田空港(国内線)での暇つぶしブログ!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/24
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