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  • Hello I’m back in with Kelsey again today

  • and we felt like we wanted to have some dessert so we have come to coco’s

  • Coco’s family restaurant

  • so today I’m going to introduce some popular japanese desserts to you guys, so let’s go in

  • Alright we have come here for one thing only

  • Desserts!

  • Let's check out what they have!

  • So one of the most popular desserts in Japan that you'll find at basically any restaurant

  • Is the Parfait

  • Aaand this store has two parfaits for what it looks like

  • This is the chocolate parfait with orange slices

  • and then this is the japanese-style parfait so its got mochi and green tea ice cream and sweet red bean paste

  • Ooh so many choices...

  • and then there's coffee jelly, I’ll introduce that in another video, it's really good

  • And... What is this?

  • Orange crepe, oh that looks good too

  • Banana crepe

  • Ice cream cake

  • I don't know what the hell this is... Catalana, whatever that is

  • And these are also very good, it's like a puff pastry with ice cream and sauce on it

  • Mmm what should I get guys...

  • This is also a dessert that I’d like to introduce to you guys

  • This is called Zenzai

  • And what it is, it's made with adzuki beans, so they're sweet red beans

  • And they make like a... kinda like a soup with it and then it’s got little chewy mochi in it

  • and ice cream and it's so delicious!

  • You can get this basically at any Japanese style restaurant

  • so if you ever come to Japan give it a shot

  • It's something that you wouldn't be able to get any anywhere else,

  • so I definitely recommend it.

  • Alright so when you wanna a order you push this button right here

  • One matcha parfait, one chocolate parfait and one zenzai please

  • And this is the summer special menu, so they have lots of shaved ice desserts

  • It’s calledKakigoriin Japanese

  • Strawberry, matcha and red beans

  • These ones have condensed milk on top

  • Yummy!!

  • And I had this one just a couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture on my instagram

  • I tried the blue one with pineapple and the blue part is ramune flavor

  • that was sooo good

  • My parfait is here!!

  • Check it out guys!

  • So these white things are mochi, theyre calledshiratama

  • and this is another kind of mochi calledwarabi-mochi

  • and there’s green tea and vanilla ice cream

  • and then here we have green tea jelly and red bean paste

  • and I think there’s more mochi at the bottom

  • and this is probablykuromitsu sauce

  • I’m not sure but we will see

  • So let’s try it!

  • Ittadakimasu!!

  • Yummy!

  • I love the mochi, the mochi are my favorite part

  • Kelsey got the Zenzai because my description sounded so lovely

  • What you think of it?

  • It's amazing!

  • Yaay!

  • Definitely try this guy's if you come here

  • She also got the chocolate parfait

  • With an extra stick!

  • Omg! This yellow ice cream layer is like a custard

  • is like a frozen custard, it’s so creamy and delicious

  • It's so good guys!

  • Can you see the little red beans?

  • These areAdzuki beans”, youll find them in lots of Japanese desserts

  • Youll probably find that pretty strange if youre not used to Asian desserts

  • but theyre barely delicious

  • Theyre sweet, they don't taste like how you would've imagined a bean to taste like

  • So the price of my parfait was 580¥

  • and then this is the including tax price, so 609¥

  • If you put that into dollars about six bucks

  • So, not bad

  • I'm so full!! Why did I eat so much guys!?

  • I don’t know, I do it for you!

  • I hope you enjoyed this video

  • I'm sure there will be very many more dessert videos to come

  • because I love sweet foods

  • So, hope you enjoy them

  • Thanks for watching!!

  • Bye! Bye!

Hello I’m back in with Kelsey again today

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Japanese SWEETS: Parfait & Zenzai 日本のスイーツ美味しい!!

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