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  • Hey, guys, how's it going?

  • My name is Makayla, and today I want to talk to you about something on the Internet.

  • Yeah, this might not look like the Internet you, but I will explain that in just a second.

  • The Internet is just such an integral part of my life that I could not be noticed, and I think that a lot of you are.

  • So we're coming up on spring in Japan.

  • And spring is a time when a lot of lifestyle changes occur for a lot of Japanese people.

  • I think there will be a lot of people relocating all over Japan, whether it be in to start a new job or attend a new school or just start a new chapter of their lives.

  • And I think with that, I would love to introduce this Internet service.

  • Say, I want to talk about why Max and their WiFi routers, which are so useful, especially when you're like me and you're out and about, and you don't just use the Internet in your home.

  • This will allow you to take the Internet with you pretty much anywhere in Japan.

  • I have always used why that's for Internet in Japan, and I was using an older device until I heard about the campaign.

  • They're holding where you could switch your whole device to a new why Max two plus model for free.

  • I wasn't sure about switching at first, but it being free.

  • I decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

  • This new model comes with stylish and futuristic touch panel screen.

  • If you're someone who works a lot, you'll appreciate this Internet service.

  • Not only can you use it at home, but you can take it with you when you're out as well.

  • And although it may be small, that doesn't mean it isn't powerful.

  • It fits right in your pocket, and without needing any cables, you could enjoy speeds of up to 110 megabytes per second.

  • This spring, speeds will double to 220 megabytes per second, meaning you can enjoy everything that much faster.

  • I'm so glad they let me upgrade for free.

  • I can't tell you enough how amazing it is to be able to work anywhere in the city.

  • And since when Axe is working on expanding their area even further in the spring, you no longer have to work in an office or at home.

  • You can literally work wherever you.

  • So this is the new boathouse at a water park, and we have very so excited.

  • Started eating it way terrace feeding so you can look at the lake while you eat your frozen yogurt, and it's quite nice.

  • I like it here.

  • A lot of the best part is that you can bring your dog terrace seats.

  • Other Internet companies in Japan put a limit on your data.

  • If you go over seven gigabytes of data, you have to pay a price.

  • But with why, Max?

  • You don't have to worry about that for a monthly thing.

  • You can enjoy all the Internet you want.

  • It's very reasonable.

  • That means you can watch all the YouTube you want or even upload to YouTube all you want.

  • And you don't have to ever worry about exceeding your limit.

  • And, of course, using the Internet in your own home.

  • It's never been easier.

  • No construction or wires required.

  • Just plug your device into its charger and enjoy WiFi throughout your home with speeds of up to 110 megabytes per second, you can even enjoy online gaming.

  • And when the speeds upgrade to 220 megabytes per second later this year, you will be able to enjoy even smoother game plan.

  • WiFi routers are the new way of enjoying the Internet.

  • They're lightweight, speedy and with no data limit.

  • The possibilities are endless.

  • All WiFi devices can connect to this router, connecting you to friends and family across the globe.

  • For those of you still using the 40 megabytes router, now is the time to switch.

  • Trust me.

  • For more information about the contracts and the devices, check the links in the description box below.

Hey, guys, how's it going?

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WiMax Mobile WiFi Routers In Japan - 日本の携帯のWiFi - 日本のモバイルインターネットめっちゃいい!

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