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  • huh, Jeong?

  • Today I'm drinking new dull J.

  • Gusteau Espresso in 10.

  • So that's how you know today's episode is gonna be intense.

  • Yo, so hi, and welcome to Part two of our kichi Joji adventure.

  • If you saw last week's video, you'll know that we bought some cute clothes for kit.

  • So this week we had a photographer come by and teach us how to take you pictures of Kit.

  • Check it out.

  • We're in a park in Kitty Joji with a man who is an animal photographer, and we're gonna learn a little bit about how to take cute pictures of animals using kit as our model for the most natural shots.

  • Take photos while playing with your pet.

  • Call your pet's name in a weird voice.

  • Always take your photos at the same level as your here.

  • Some of my shots.

  • Try these tricks with your pet as well, and let me know how it goes.

  • Way air in kichi Joji at stake a university at the Horse Riding club and looking at all these horses.

  • Can you see them?

  • They're so cute.

  • You're so cute on we are going to ride a horse And they told me that they brought special clothes for me.

  • So I'm gonna get changed into my clothes.

  • Um and that won't be embarrassing at all.

  • And then we're gonna ride a horse.

  • At first, I was kind of surprised that there was a horse riding club in this university.

  • But now that I think about it, there aren't exactly that many places in Tokyo where you can keep a horse.

  • It was really cool that they let me ride their horse.

  • And I felt like maybe we really are always with friends.

  • Study.

  • I really enjoyed this area.

  • There's lots of young people and it's really trendy and cool.

  • There's so much going on.

  • It's definitely worth a visit if you visit Tokyo.

  • So I hope you guys are doing well.

  • I'll see you next week.

  • Next Monday is a new video from me.

  • And next Friday is a new episode of Until then, take care.

  • Celia.

  • Hi.

huh, Jeong?

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[いつも仲間と!] #14 ペットの可愛い撮り方! [Always With Friends] #14 Kit Pictures!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/24
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