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  • Hey, guys, how's it going?

  • Mining, Miss Michaela.

  • And today I'm in Kumamoto Prefecture in opening much for a project I'm doing with us acne, Xinmin, Asahi newspaper and Kyushu Broadcasting.

  • And they've brought us to an empty house in the middle of nowhere.

  • And I thought it was so cool that maybe you'd like to know what an old Japanese empty house looks like.

  • So way go and empty, abandoned or otherwise on attended house is called in a Kia in Japanese.

  • In a recent survey, it was estimated that over 39% of vacant residencies in Japan are classified as a Kia, as many brand new homes were built within the city.

  • The number of a Kia in rural areas increases.

  • Every traditional Japanese house starts with spacious entryway known as a gang.

  • Traditional Japanese homes they're mostly made from natural resource is such as wood, paper and rice.

  • Straw, and the size of a room is normally measured by how many tatami mats are laid to the floor.

  • Both of these rooms are six tatami or local.

  • Joel in size wouldn't floored.

  • Passages on the side of the house are called Boca, which are partitioned by wooden sliding doors.

  • The bathroom is a very important part of the house, and it's often separated completely from the toilet.

  • Tummy flooring is made of woman rice straw and was originally introduced as a luxury before becoming commonplace in Japanese homes.

  • These days, however, newer homes have switched the hardwood flooring with only one washed or Japanese style room, thes sliding doors air called Osama and are often decorated with art depicting scenes of nature mountains, cherry blossoms, et cetera.

  • Although the average height of the Japanese person has increased in, traditional Japanese homes were built to be a little bit smaller.

  • Older constructions.

  • Some rooms are known to be only 170 centimeters high.

  • That's only five foot 7 161 7 years.

  • Would you like to live in a traditional Japanese home like this?

Hey, guys, how's it going?

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