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- Ernie, what do you think created everything?
(dramatic instrumental music)
My name is Koji.
What's your name?
- Maddox.
- Maddox.
- I like elephants.
- Do you know what we're drawing today?
- God.
- God, that's right, we're gonna draw
what you guys imagine God looks like.
- I'm an atheist.
- Well we're gonna imagine what he might look like.
What do you know about God?
- Uh, he made the Earth, he made humans.
- A guy up in the clouds.
Kinda like in the Simpsons.
- He's invisible.
- He's invisible.
- He's a frog.
- A frog?
Do you believe in God?
- Nope.
- Do you believe in God?
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Do you?
- Uh, I believe in the concept of a higher power.
- What?
- What's that mean?
- What do you mean?
- I mean I'm not sure if he does or not
but I'm not an atheist meaning that I don't say
that I'm sure he doesn't exist.
- I think everybody refers to God as a he.
- As a he.
- So let's just go with.
- [Koje] Okay, let's start kind of with his facial features.
- God has two heads.
- He has two heads?
- Kind of like a round button nose.
- [Koje] A round button nose, okay.
- Kind of like my face.
- Like your face?
- His face, his face!
- Like his face?
- His body is a frog and his head's a lion.
- His head's a lion?
Is he like a nice lion or is he like a scary lion?
- [Ernie] This lion's gonna be scary alright (laughing).
- So what kind of hair does he have then?
- Kind of like Gigi's hair.
- 'Cause he looks like a mohawk.
- [Koje] Like a mohawk like that?
- Ooh, yeah I like that.
- Could God be a woman maybe?
- No!
- No?
- It could be possible.
- If you go up to Heaven you'll be sorry for saying that.
- I imagine him with no pants.
- Is he wearing anything down there?
- Nope.
- He has to be naked.
- [Maddix] God is a spirit
so I don't know if he needs clothes.
- Does he have private parts?
Does he have like a, you know (laughing).
He does?
- Uh huh.
- Just like us?
- Okay, yeah.
- [Koje] Is that big enough?
- [Boy In Gray] Yeah.
- And that's why they call him a frog.
- [Koje] And that's why they call him a frog.
- He's a mythical beast.
- [Boy With Glasses] You put the wings
and then at the end of his wings you put hands.
- Oh, so his wings are his hands then?
- He does have arms but they're just like mixed in,
kind of like feathers.
- Okay so we'll back.
- Big hands, kind of at his sides
like ready to control all things in the universe.
- [Koje] Okay.
- Oh man, what have we done?
God may be angry right now.
Sorry God.
- [Ernie] These demons are evil.
- [Koje] Does he fight demons?
- Yeah.
- What do the demons look like?
- They come down from Mars--
- Come down from Mars.
- And come right down to Earth.
And they have beaks and sharp teeth and tentacles.
- And tentacles.
So they're furry and they have tentacles.
- And they have sharp teeth.
- [Koje] How do you think God stays in shape?
How do you think those arms are so buff?
- I imagine him lifting squealing bundles
of sinners up and down, up and down.
- Wait 'til you see this.
It's like.
This is getting wild.
- Does God's bathrobe have anything on it?
- [Girl With Flower] Like a little whistle.
- [Koje] A little whistle?
I'm not sure what he does with the whistle.
- He'll call Jesus.
- [Koje] Ernie, do you know what Jesus is?
- Jesus is the Mommy.
She's a hexagon.
- She's a hexagon?
- And a hexagon, she has one eye.
- [Koje] She has one eye?
- [Ernie] Yeah.
- A hexagon and where does she live?
- She lives in Asia.
- In Asia, okay.
- Everybody is kinda related in some way
'cause they came from God.
- Oh that's nice.
It'd be like we're all kinda part of the same family
'cause we're all related to--
- God.
- Yeah.
What does his voice sound like?
What does God's voice sound like?
It's like a whisper?
Like I'm God.
- And then it's like (whispering).
- [Ernie] We're almost done!
- [Koje] We're almost done.
- It's almost finished!
- So what do you think?
Is this pretty close to what you had in mind?
Okay you take this side.
- It's upside down, there.
- [Koje] And you take that side.
- This is God.
- This is God.
- If you were wondering that's a hotdog.
- I imagined all different religions
having their own gods portrayed
and I didn't want to do just one so I did all of them.
- Good job Koje.
- Good job Ernie.
- [Maddix] I think it's cool.
- Alright.
(laughing) Go God!
- Praise the Lord.
- Go God!
(dramatic instrumental music)
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Kids Describe God to an Illustrator | Kids Describe | Cut

9 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on March 24, 2020
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