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  • Lucky~

  • Put these potatoes in this basket.

  • Okay, these too? Yeah- no the-

  • Just the potatoes?

  • Enjoy!

  • Wow, that's big.

  • Take whatever you like.

  • Ants! There are ants everywhere!

  • Do you like garlic?

  • Well, your face is kind of small.

  • It's huge.

  • What do you call this?

  • Onion?

  • In Japanese!

  • Oh, tamanegi.

  • Tamanegi. Can you write the kanji?

  • Me neither.

  • Onion, potatoes, lettuce.

  • We don't have to go shopping for vegetables.

  • That was fun!

  • I want to eat them today!

  • Today? Which ones?

  • All of them. All of them?

  • What are you doing?

  • I'm dancing. Why?

  • 'Cause I'm excited, we have delicious vegetables.

  • Potatoes, garlic, huge onion, lettuce.

  • This is the biggest onion I've ever seen. Is this sweet?

  • Yeah, it's shintama so it's really sweet.

  • Okay, let's go to the kitchen!

  • So this is the meal that Jun made today with our new ingredients.

  • We have the powdered potatoes with mayonnaise,

  • our salad with the shintama onion and a little bit of garlic flavor,

  • and then chicken with oyster sauce.

  • I can't see you at all.

  • Scary!

  • Let's eat.

  • We can't see Jun at all. It's too dark. Scary~

  • Hurry up and eat! I'm hungry.

  • Hey Rachel, can you show me some of your awesome bike tricks?

  • Are you making fun of me?

  • Everyone's watching.

  • What was that?!

  • Aren't I amazing?:D

  • That's about it. That's all you're going to see me do.


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いもほり Potato digging 【日英字幕】

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/24
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