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  • passengers were kept here to stop the spread of covert 19 known as the Corona virus.

  • 14 days in quarantine so far, and it seems that hasn't worked.

  • 88 more people have tested positive, bringing the total up to 542 infected.

  • On board.

  • That sounds of about 3700 people on this ship, a rate of around 15%.

  • And now a British couple who've been fighting to get off posted on Facebook that they've been proved positive.

  • David and Sally Able have been giving the world updates, often optimistic from within the walls of their cabin.

  • But their last post showed the reality of their ongoing confinement.

  • Today has not being the best of days.

  • You could probably tell from my the way I was behaving this morning and I'm sorry about that.

  • But it's all getting to us now.

  • And it's not just me other passengers as well.

  • It's the not knowing factor that is three riel the real challenge.

  • But some passengers who are more certain about their fate are the South Koreans presidential jet is being sent for them, complete with deep clean before they go on.

  • Passengers are due to get back tomorrow.

  • But what are the British doing?

  • The Foreign Office of being criticized for not acting sooner, but say they're starting to get a flight to repatriate those still on the diamond princess.

  • A spokesperson said that those who were still ill will stay in Japan, but those who were virus free will be flown back to the UK There were still questions, though.

  • When will they be flown back to the UK?

  • We're not sure yet.

  • Where will they go when they get back here?

  • We're not sure that either.

  • And also, how long will they have to be quarantined for again?

  • Just how effective waas the quarantine on board the Diamond Princess Infections expert Nasty McDermott has serious concerns.

  • We simply have no idea what has happened on board that has resulted in these new infections so way have to treat the people coming off the boats as if they are coming from an affected region like we did when we transported people from Wuhan back right.

  • What's happening in Yokohama is causing other cruise liners to change course.

  • Some of canceled cruises in Asia until the beginning of next year, and ascending ships to other parts of the world for British passengers on the Diamond Princess there, long cruise voyage continues.

  • China itself as many as 150 million people, more than twice the population of Britain and now living in unprecedented locked down, while half of them are forced to live with some kind of restricted travel, like only being allowed to leave home for a couple of hours at a time.

  • China's President Xi Jinping, Toe Boy's Johnson the phone call earlier today that the country was making visible progress and keeping the outbreak contained.

  • But how effective are these draconian measures?

  • His pork O'Brien thistles?

  • Footage taken by Chinese citizen journalists inside one of the main hospitals in Wuhan, the epicenter of the Corona virus outbreak way have seen this footage before, but it now has new significance.

  • First of all, the person who filmed it, Fang Been, is believed to have been arrested.

  • He's one of four people this month reported to have been detained for criticizing how the government in China has responded to the outbreak.

  • The other reason this footage is new significance.

  • One of the people on the front line of the outbreak, the director of Wuchang Hospital, the or charming, passed away in the last 24 hours as a result of becoming infected.

  • The second high profile doctor to die in China as a result of the virus.

  • These air some of the individual tragedies.

  • At a press conference today, the Chinese National Health Commission released the latest Countrywide figures show Children you need one, but handing.

  • Usually you don't know me, only you are Rita, she writes.

  • Such a really lady Boggle Children being Lee Chee Vallarta Sebastian.

  • Really, she's no use will be.

  • Only Luce are about such already.

  • Officials went on to say that the most recent record death toll from the virus in China is 1868 in different parts of China.

  • They're different restrictions on freedom of movement and social gatherings.

  • For example, this footage purports to show officials in Hye Sshi raiding a games room in someone's home.

  • This'll footage claims to show officials destroying the produce of a vendor who didn't have permission to be transporting goods.

  • Dion is 25 has been confined to her family's apartment in Wuhan for the last 20 days.

  • This afternoon gave us the tour me and my family can play badminton.

  • Sometimes in the living room, we can at least do something fun.

  • Today, The New York Times published research suggesting that about 10% of the Chinese population face restrictions on how often they can leave home.

  • That equates to 100 and 50 million people.

  • It does get a bit of it's kind of crazy when I think I'm staying in this space for so long.

  • Darlin spoke to us about the confusion among some people in her block.

  • When it comes to restrictions on movement, there can be a very broad policies like nobody's allowed to go to the community.

  • But what about people who are disabled but about people who need medicine?

  • Doesn't.

  • When such notice came out, we all worried about Do they think about this people at all?

  • She acknowledges that officials in her neighborhood are doing their best, but it heard stories of other communities where this was not the case.

  • The point when it comes to managing the outbreak, people's experiences on the ground in China varies.

passengers were kept here to stop the spread of covert 19 known as the Corona virus.

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