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  • however, what a welcome to another video now.

  • The other day, I put together a £469 arise and 5 1600 a F system using the new rise and five chip.

  • Now, unlike the original rise and 5 1600 this is essentially a slightly slower 2600 is now 12 Nano me to part instead of 14 nanometer on DDE.

  • Admittedly, it still is a little bit hard to find in the UK on a couple of other countries after reading through your comments, it would seem, but I wanted to make a comparison video today comparing this brand new rising 5 1600 A f to the old rising 5 1600 the original 2017 14 enemy to Part two.

  • See what difference you can expect in games and CPU intensive tasks.

  • But I also wanted to see how well they were.

  • Both compare with a mid range graphics card instead of something completely high end.

  • So I've gone with the 16 60 t I.

  • I feel that this is a realistic choice for either one of these two chips, even in 2020 and you're going to have a very nice gaming experience with the rise and 5 1600 a 16 60 T I graphics cards.

  • So let's get into the comparisons now.

  • Both of the CIB use were tested, its stock speeds impaired with 16 gigs of 3200 megahertz DDR four.

  • The new 1600 F is supposed to cost around £85 new here in the U.

  • K, which is what I paid for mine.

  • It's CCL, and the original trips can be picked up on the used market for about the same.

  • Will check out comparative gaming performance first, starting with Assassin's Creed.

  • Odyssey are in the benchmark test three times, with both CP using stolen.

  • And here is how they compared.

  • This is a pattern that will remain similar throughout on anyone looking at a rise in 5 1600 for gaming in 2020 will have a great time.

  • Whether they end up with the original 2017 chip or this new version.

  • They are both excellent.

  • Battlefield Five likes a good, strong CPU with plenty of cause, and either chip once again won't disappoint.

  • This tank level put both six core 12 threaded processes through their paces and the 16 60 t I makes for a nice combination.

  • Metro Exodus is a great looking title, and we'll also run very nicely on both CP use.

  • Even at the high settings here, the game's environments look fantastic on this game will require some beefy hardware to running at the absolute maximum settings.

  • The same can be said for red dead redemption to I'd be inclined to use the high texture settings but drop most things down to medium as this is a very demanding title.

  • There are some specific settings that have a significant impact on the frame rate, but there are plenty of online guides to help you configure this to look and play at its absolute best.

  • The Outer Worlds is a totally mixed bag performance wise.

  • Some areas will see you exceed 100 F.

  • B S and other areas will drop that number right down.

  • But here as I run around Edgewater with the high settings, things remained pretty smooth.

  • The 1600 F will perform closely to an over clocked O G 1600 but with that said, bear in mind that the new 1600 can be over cuts higher than the original as for CPU intensive tasks.

  • It's very much a similar situation to as if you were comparing the original 1600 with 2600.

  • And as faras productivity goes, you'll have a slightly better experience with new chip.

  • All in all, if both CP use are available where you live, then the F is the one to look out for, and it's worth asking your chosen retailer if this is the model they stock as identified by the S K you name change from the last two letters, which were originally a E.

  • Nevertheless, if the new rise in 1600 isn't available where you live, you'll still have a great time with the original, which does carry a fantastic used price tag and would be an ideal pairing with, say, a 16 50 Super 5600 x T or 16.

  • 60 t I maybe even something more powerful.

  • I hope you've enjoyed this quick comparison.

  • If you're thinking about the new rise and five chip pairing it with a mid range graphics card, Hopefully this has helped you out.

  • If you enjoy this video, be sure to leave a lock on it, leave a dislike if you didn't subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already.

  • And hopefully I'll see all of you in the next one where I shall reveal my new graphics card as voted for by you.

however, what a welcome to another video now.

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