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  • Hey guys.

  • Sorry that I haven't made a video for a long time.

  • I've been getting questions about Avril's video so today I'd like to share my thoughts

  • on that.

  • First of all, I don't listen to her songs at all and don't know much about her so I

  • never thought I would make a video about her.

  • The only reason why I made this video was because I saw comments that say something

  • like "This is freaking offensive to Japanese people" "She's racist!" or whatever along

  • those lines.

  • So it got me think "What the hell" is she saying in that racial discrimination song

  • to us.

  • I got really curious.

  • So I clicked the link and the title says "Hello Kitty,"

  • Hello Kitty?

  • That I know of?

  • All right...

  • And I played the song and the first thing she said was

  • みんな最高、ありがと、かわいい、かわいい。

  • ...Ok?

  • So I listened to song to the end, thinking what other Japanese words she would say.

  • Nothing.

  • That's all she said.

  • I even looked up the lyrics.

  • So I didn't really understand which part was supposed to be offensive to us when I listened

  • to the song.

  • So I looked up what people are saying about her being racist.

  • And it seems like they didn't like the backup dancers, which I kind of agree.

  • I mean they're all dancing with this serious mask on them the whole time.

  • It just didn't fit.

  • I actually got a little scared.

  • But the funny thing was, I couldn't stop looking at them because they were so strange.

  • They drew my attention more than the main singer did, which was very successful.

  • I can tell you that.

  • BUT, that was all.

  • They were indeed strange to me but I didn't think it was racist toward Japanese people.

  • I looked up other Japanese people's reactions to this video, and as far as I could find,

  • almost all of them were saying the same thing as me.

  • "I didn't like the video but I didn't get offended.

  • Where's this racist thing come from?"

  • Another argument goes, "She's just using Japan as an accessory.

  • She's not respecting Japan and doesn't actually have an interest in it--she only used it to

  • make an interesting video."

  • Well first of all, this video was directed by a Japanese person.

  • And even if he wasn't Japanese, I don't even care because this is just a music video.

  • Our music videos in Japan are like this, too.

  • It's not unusual at all.

  • Is she not allowed to make a Japanese music video because she's not Japanese?

  • I don't understand.

  • This is just my opinion, and it's also a very common opinion among Japanese people, but

  • it seems like some people in Western countries are always saying this is racist, that is

  • racist, you're racist.

  • And as for this Avril's video, it's almost like those people are saying we're too stupid

  • to realize this video is offensive, and they have like "I shall be angry for them!"

  • attitude.

  • If you want to call things racist I guess that's fine, it's none of my business, but

  • you don't need to do that for Japanese people, because we don't think this video is racist

  • or offensive You don't have to be so considerate and kind

  • to us.

  • みんな最高、ありがとう。

  • And by the way, I have also seen comments over the past two years saying the same thing

  • about Rachel, which is pretty annoying.

  • She is NOT accessorizing me.

  • Usually when they complain, they complain about our first username, which is MyHusbandisJapanese,

  • but like I have said before, I'm the one who chose that name.

  • We have a famous manga here called ダーリンは外国人, or My Darling is a Foreigner.

  • And they made a movie, too.

  • It's pretty famous here.

  • So I first picked "My darling is Japanese" but it was already taken by someone else so

  • I changed one word and turned out to be "My husband is Japanese".

  • No one in Japan ever complained about the name for it, so I don't really understand

  • why they complain about it.

  • But if you want to complain, you have to blame me because I chose it.

  • I changed it to Rachel and Jun but we couldn't change it on smartphones so it's still MyHusbandisJapanese.

  • But again I am not offended to have this name because I named it.

  • If you still think Rachel's to blame, you're barking up the wrong tree.

  • Thank you for watching and see you guys later.

Hey guys.

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Is Avril racist? "Accessorizing" Japanese アヴリル・ラヴィーン「ハローキティ」人種差別?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/24
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