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Hello, everyone.
Welcome to this English course on adverbs.
In today's video, I'm going to talk to you about adverbs of manner.
Adverbs of manner tell you how something happens.
And they're usually placed after the main verb or after its object.
Let's take a look at a few sentences.
‘He swims well.’
The adverb ‘well’ tells you how he swims and is placed after the main verb ‘swims’.
‘He plays the piano beautifully.’
The adverb ‘beautifully’ tells you how he plays the piano
and is placed after the piano which is the object of the verb to play.
Hope you get it.
Let's get into more detail now.
Adverbs of manner are usually placed after the main verb or after the objects.
For example, ‘He left the room quickly.’
The adverb ‘quickly’ is placed after the object, ‘the room’.
Now just so you know, some adverbs not all of them,
but some adverbs, can also be placed before the verb.
So in this case, you can also say,
‘He quickly left the room.’
Let's practice pronunciation.
Repeat after me.
‘He left the room quickly.’
‘He quickly left the room.’
Good guys.
Let's move on.
What's very important for you to know is that an adverb of manner cannot come between a
verb and its direct object.
Okay, so it must be placed either before the main verb,
or after at the end of the clause.
So let's take a look at a few examples.
‘He ate quickly his dinner.’
Now this sentence is incorrect.
‘ate’ is the verb.
‘his dinner’ is the direct object of the verb.
So the adverb ‘quickly’ cannot be placed between those two.
So you should say, ‘He ate his dinner quickly.’
The adverb is at the end and that's correct.
Or ‘He quickly ate his dinner.’
That's also correct.
The adverb is placed before the main verb.
Another example,
‘He gave me gently a hug.’
Now this is incorrect.
You cannot separate the verb ‘give’ from its direct object ‘a hug’.
So two correct sentences would be first,
‘He gave me a hug gently.’
with the adverb at the end of the sentence.
‘He gently gave me a hug.’
The adverb comes before the verb.
Hope you get it.
Let's now practice pronunciation.
Please repeat the sentence after me.
‘He ate his dinner quickly.’
‘He quickly ate his dinner.’
‘He gave me a hug gently,’
‘He gently gave me a hug.’
Good, guys.
Let's move on.
Time now to practice.
Here are a few example sentences for you to spot the adverbs of manner.
‘He swam well.’
As you can see, we use the adverb ‘well’.
It tells you how he swam,
And it's placed after the main verb, ‘swam’.
‘The rain felt hard.’
Again, our adverb ‘hard’ tells you how the rain fell,
And is placed after the verb.
‘The children were playing happily.’
The adverb is…
Can you find it?
Of course.
‘She angrily slammed the door.’
Can you see the adverb?
It's ‘angrily’.
How did she slam the door?
And finally,
‘Slowly she picked up the flower.’
Can you spot the adverb of manner?
It's ‘slowly’.
And it's at the beginning of the sentence, Because we want to emphasize the manner.
And this is also something very common when you read books.
Okay, guys.
Let's now practice pronunciation.
Please repeat after me.
‘He swam well.’
‘The rain fell hard.’
‘The children were playing happily.’
‘She angrily slammed the door.’
‘Slowly she picked up the flower.’
Great job.
Okay, guys.
That's it for this video.
Please make sure you watch the other videos on adverbs,
and keep practicing.
Adverbs are extremely common in English.
And they will make you speak a lot better.
Thanks for watching and see you next time.
Thank you so much guys for watching my video.
If you liked it, please show me your support.
Click ‘like’, Subscribe to the channel.
Put your comments below if you have some.
And share it with all your friends.
See you!
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Adverbs of Manner | Learn Basic English Grammar Course

41 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on March 24, 2020
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