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  • Osaka is considered to be the kitchen of Japan. Meaning it has some really great Japanese food.

  • The place I'm gonna be taking you today is no exception.

  • However, when you cook in Japanese cuisine, you use a lot of tools.

  • The blowtorch is one of them.

  • And this place takes blowtorches to an entirely new level.

  • Welcome to Izakaya Toyo started by owner and chef Toyoji Chikumoto in 1992

  • The izakaya is on a spot that used to be a parking lot.

  • Toyoji-san opening here because it was behind the restaurant he used to work at.

  • Izakaya Toyo really hasn't changed much since 1992. It's a standing outdoor restaurant humble furnishings.

  • That means the prices are very reasonable

  • one reason for its popularity.

  • The daily specials change depending on the season and what's available at the fish market.

  • Customers help themselves to bottles of beer take as many glasses as you like.

  • Toyoji-san came to Osaka at age 15 from a small island between Kagoshima and Okinawa called Kikai Jima.

  • His izakaya serve seafood.

  • I'll let you hear the recommendation from Toyoji-san himself

  • And when the smoke starts rising from the open kitchen.

  • That means he's got his flamethrower out.

  • And when it's out, the customers stop what they're doing to marvel at his skills.

  • Yeah, I said "flamethrower". Because I don't know what else it can be.

  • In Japanese cuisine, a blowtorch is the closest tool like this used by chefs.

  • It's used to broil specific areas of the food with great detail. But Toyoji-san isn't into precision flames.

  • Toyoji-san called me over. That means it's show time!

  • He loads the grill with chunks of maguro.

  • Then his tool of choices lift the flamethrower.

  • Flamethrower cooking isn't new. But the way he does it is absolutely unique.

  • Next to the grill is a bucket of ice water.

  • Periodically dips his hand in. So, he can still work with the meat without other tools.

  • Barehanded.

  • And if your camera's out, be prepared for style points.

  • Here's what it sounds like...

  • It's loud. A reason why most eaters stop and watch.

  • The chef called me over to get a shot of the specialty

  • Grilled maguro is available until it's sold out usually between 6 & 8 p.m

  • Toyoji-san's flamethrower technique is really an art.

  • So now it's time to eat what Toyo-san has making. Every time it gets a flamethrower out.

  • The entire neighborhood is just filled with smoke that smell of delicious grilled meat.

  • However, if you do get here during the business hours, you're probably gonna have to wait about 45 minutes,

  • but it's worth it.

  • It's fun and casual but don't let the simplistic style fool you.

  • The food is fresh and outstanding.

  • Getting a course menu set is one of the ways to try all of the specialties.

  • Let's try some of the grilled maguro loaded with green onions.

  • So, this is maguro. This is the cheek of it, let's give this a try.

  • So good.

  • So moist.

  • Very very tender.

  • The maguro you could eat it raw,

  • but when it's blowtorch or flame thrown like it is with this.

  • Gives it that- that the grill taste

  • preserving the juiciness of it eating it raw, so-

  • It's really good.

  • Some pieces are still raw inside, but it's okay. Just like sashimi.

  • Other items on the menu include unagi eel,

  • Maguro-maki-sushi-rolls,

  • Ikura & uni plates.

  • Umibudou (or sea grapes).

  • This akami red maguro, ikura & uni plate is a recommendation.

  • The Uni & ikura is on top of some sliced Maki sushi.

  • If you've never had fresh uni (sea urchin) before it's the most delicate seafood that you can find.

  • It's one of the seafoods.

  • It's- it's so soft it melts in your mouth the moment it just touches your tongue

  • I've never had it like that before very interesting taste

  • Wow

  • That's a lot of ikura on there.

  • The taste of the salmon fish eggs is certainly more important than the rice underneath it.

  • Which is why it should be loaded on.

  • It's super easy to make new friends here

  • which just enhances the total experience of Izakaya Toyo.

  • Amazing seafood, a highly entertaining a talented chef, an electric vibe into the night with friendly people.

  • All connected by delicious food.

  • And a 65 year old master who always make sure that each customer leaves with a smile.

  • Next time, we stay in Osaka to try some of their famous okonomiyaki.

  • And compare it to Hiroshimas version.

  • Which is better Osaka or Hiroshima Okonomiyaki?

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  • またね(Matane)

Osaka is considered to be the kitchen of Japan. Meaning it has some really great Japanese food.

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