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I believe I don't deserve your attention.
With such a credo, I shouldn't be standing here.
But here I am, with my belief,
my fear and with you.
I took the courage to come and to tell you,
don't take for granted any belief or dogma.
Don't let the consequences of other people thinking
to take you away
from what you really want to become.
I lost my text.
That's the fear.
Today, actually I would like to share my story with you.
In 2011,
I felt I had to change something in my life
to feel complete.
I was reading the book,
"The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield,
and I was blown away by the last insight
revealing that,
"We are on this planet to consciously evolve,
and if we do learn to evolve and follow our path,
our culture will change in a predictable way.
Many of us will discover
that we are not doing the job that we are meant for,
and that we have to change job
to continue to evolve."
Believe me or not,
but I was reading this
when on the following day I was going to resign.
A synchronicity that gave me a boost
to quit without thinking about the future.
But then I started to think and I panicked.
I had no other job, no business plan,
I had no unemployment benefits and no savings.
People were hoping that at least I had a husband,
but not even that, I was home alone.
Through that experience,
I understood that courage is not the absence of fear,
but the will to go on,
no matter what stands on your way.
My change was possible,
because I didn't focus on what can go wrong.
I focused on what I really want, and it worked.
People usually believe
that if they start doing what they like to do,
they will not earn enough money to go on living.
In fact, most of us work for money
and we forget about our passion.
But do you realize that our economic system
is virtual and it doesn't work.
What it does, it concentrates wealth and it distributes poverty.
And it will come to crash sooner than we can imagine.
It will collapse.
It did happen in the past, but we haven't learnt from it.
Exactly, if money...
Let me ask you this,
if money didn't exist what would you do?
What is your passion?
When I made my shift,
I started to meet many people who did the same.
And I heard amazing stories.
Such [as] a top band manager
who quit his job to become a farmer.
A pilot who founded a renewable energy company.
I have a friend, she worked twelve years in a bank,
and she is now a naturopath,
and another one, a Reiki therapist.
I know someone
who wants to open a school with a new education system
and so on.
The more I hear about such changes
the more I am convinced
that we are shifting to a new economy.
An economy for a more sustainable world,
based on collaboration,
co-working and sharing.
People are engaging
in energy medicine, personal development,
environment and creativity.
And if you look at the list,
you will notice that all these jobs
care about the wellbeing of the humans and the planet.
And this is all we need.
We don't need more than this.
And here comes the good news.
Confucius said, "Choose a job you love,
and you will never have to work a day in your life."
Dear us, there is an awakening going on all over the planet,
and the growth of human consciousness
cannot be stopped.
No matter how much today's establishments
try to ignore it or even hide it.
And I hope you will agree with me.
Our society needs a new story to belong to,
a new way of living.
So please, "Don't die with your music still inside you."
Have the courage to follow you intuition.
And as soon as you know who you really are,
you will be amazed of what you can do
and how well you can do it. Believe me.
And I will leave you with this,
"Doing what you are meant for
is the first step to a thriving world."
And I know that together,
we will shape that better world.
I know it, I know it so deep inside,
and do you know why?
Because I think I just got your attention.
Thank you.
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26256 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on February 15, 2014    Richard Lin translated
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