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  • I know you must get harassed by the paparazzi.

  • And you have this reputation of being a very nice guy.

  • There was actually, uh, there was an article was written about Hollywood stars and how willing they are in generous.

  • They already given autograph.

  • And you came in like the top five in terms of willing to, uh, spend time with people, be kind of them, give them an autograph, which I think is a very nice quality to have.

  • But you also get, I'm imagine, hounded a lot, right?

  • Yeah, Well, there's a difference, right?

  • So there's there's the people who genuinely come up and say, Hey, could I please have a picture and autograph or whatever and you know, we'll take a picture with my kid and I would never say no to anybody like that.

  • And then there's the whole There's a professional autograph set, right, and they're and they're trying to make a living.

  • And I had this idea.

  • So they show up, they have got, like, a stack of 100 or 200 pictures, and they and they will, and as long as you signed today there, they want you to sign as many as you possibly can write because they sell each one.

  • And so I've always had a really good report with those guys.

  • And I'm always, like, you know who is the most.

  • You know, I remember when I first started out.

  • I was fascinated by these guys.

  • And I go like, What's the bet?

  • What if you could get one autograph?

  • You know what?

  • I'm signing away.

  • If you could get one autograph, what would it be?

  • Elizabeth Taylor.

  • It was Oh, if I could get an Elizabeth Taylor.

  • How much is Elizabeth Taylor?

  • Well, she never signs, so she's worth, you know, $5000 if you get a picture signed by her.

  • And I've, you know, what am I worth?

  • Maybe, like 20 bucks on?

  • They always shoot me straight, which is great.

  • And I go Okay.

  • Well, I just signed 10 of them, so that's 200 bucks.

  • Okay, so let's all right, so we're good for today, But you start to realize the more you sign.

  • Well, my idea.

  • Right.

  • So I had this kind of failed calculus.

  • Ben Affleck and I talked about this because it's all started for us at the same time.

  • And were like, What if we could saturate the market place, right?

  • Like what if we could drive the price down to, like, eight bucks, right?

  • Right.

  • And then we wouldn't be worth it.

  • Like nobody's gonna show up and get your picture because it's like, I can't even get a movie ticket eso And then you just be left with the actual true fans.

  • So that was our That was our plan, but it never It never really worked.

  • And I just ended up signing thousands.

  • I think the floor is like 20 bucks.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • I'm always amazed when someone sees you go into a restaurant like I've had this happen.

  • You go into a restaurant, you eat your food, you're not even there that long and you come out and the person in that time has managed to get a picture of you.

  • They somehow have a way of figuring out.

  • Oh, I'm just going to go into that place and within like, 20 minutes, they can get a picture of me from 1995 when I'm wearing a loincloth horrible, embarrassing picture that I didn't even know existed.

  • And I'm like, Why?

  • And they're like I don't know.

  • It's horrible.

  • But signing I still signed the Team America puppet.

  • That's really popular.

  • That's great.

  • More, more often than not, they go.

  • Can you please sign it, man?

  • Yes.

I know you must get harassed by the paparazzi.

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