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  • hello world where I'm from.

  • Well, it's not really where I'm from.

  • It's where Nana is from and she's from Thailand.

  • She specially made us a video that I'd like to show you, and it's all about street food in Thailand.

  • Somebody Hello, Amanda is my sister.

  • We're going to take you to see some tight street food.

  • Wait.

  • Visit Durian.

  • It's a tight crew.

  • Some people find its thinking something very delicious.

  • But like favorite.

  • Wait, I think you like Channel.

  • You really enjoyed coming in.

  • Thanks.

  • After watching the video, I had a few questions, so Nana and her sister were nice enough to stand up and answer them for me.

  • So the first question I had was Are these markets common in Thailand?

  • And I ask that because in Japan we have similar ish markets and they're usually in the basement's off big malls.

  • Yes, there are many markets like this and then called to sell these kind of food.

  • There also single vendors on the streets, and we also have them in big shopping malls.

  • Basically, we have food everywhere.

  • I then asked her how she actually got to the market because I know she was in a car, but she was in the backseat.

  • We had a driver to drive us to the market.

  • Other people might take public transportation like buses, motorcycles, taxis or sky trains or the inn just drive there by himself.

  • Something about the markets in Japanese department store basements is that they don't often have seating.

  • So I asked Nana, do the markets and Thailand have seating?

  • Yes, there was a big seating area, which include tables and chairs as well a small benches for people to sit down and eat.

  • So in Canada as well as in Japan, you don't usually haggle food prices at a market.

  • So I wanted to know.

  • Was that the same in Thailand?

  • Yes, you can bargain prices.

  • Thai people are good at that, or you could just choose to pay the original.

  • That's it for the questions that I had for Nana and Dara Dara.

  • Sorry, I can't remember, but if you do have questions for them, you can leave them down below, or you can follow them on social media and ask them there.

  • So I got some links over hair and some things over here, and I'll also put the links in the description.

  • So thank you so much for making this video for me.

  • Nana and Dara Dara.

  • I really appreciate it.

  • What am I like 16?

  • My voice was cracking there.

  • Um, I have one last thing to say.

  • Which is we are still except in video submissions for our streets video.

  • So if you want to go outside and film your street and set it into us, we love to showcase what streets are like, where you're from.

  • All right, guys, thank you very much for watching.

  • And what?

  • Our street.

  • What a street food.

  • Like where you're from?

  • CIA, huh?

  • What do the kids say again?

  • Okay, so thank you so much for normally.

  • That's much my life from from X video.

  • What do they say?

  • Thanks for watching.

  • See you next time.

  • Bye.

  • What a street.

  • Like what?

  • A street food.

  • Like where you're from.

  • I need practice at this.

  • Okay.

  • Oh, my excuse is that it's It's hot.

  • Do you see that?

  • That's, um, 30.6 degrees in my room.

  • 70% committee.

  • And she's a little person there.

  • He's unhappy.

hello world where I'm from.

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Street Food in Thailand w/ Arraday

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