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you start in Star Wars, rogue one and such a great role.
But then spoiler alert and, you know, block yours if you don't know.
But everyone saw this movie.
Your character died.
Very haunting moment.
How did your kids handle that?
First of all, you're in a Star Wars film, so they must have been like, Imagine it was like an hour and 45 minutes.
I was the best dad, right?
But that certainly was like my son was miserable.
My daughter was asleep in the print here, so she didn't realize she was five years old.
Okay, well, she's 32.
She just didn't love it.
Yeah, no, but my son was devastated.
He was like, You're the worst.
Yeah, I was so close to heaven.
But now it's like you're done.
Who's in a film that dies in the 1st 1 You know, Right.
If you would if you if your character it stayed alive, then it's Yeah, You get to be in the next and the nets and the next and the next to your son was pissed.
He was pissed off.
He looked at me like you.
You didn't say well you're raising him?
Well, yeah.
He didn't say it.
I'm gladly.
He doesn't watch your show that I know.
But yeah, he was looking at me like, Oh, uh, go back to your Mexican dirty feeling now.
But now this is great.
Now you're coming back for the Disney plus Siri's.
Yeah, and it's a thief.
Cassie, ins back.
You're back for the prequel series.
So you're reunited with your robot friend Was Alan Tudyk, right?
Alan Tudyk.
He's He's hilarious.
Yes, he's big like you are.
Yeah, you probably wouldn't not have this problem if you acted with him, But I didn't like because the robot is big.
So he was wearing stilts.
So So?
So what they did is they to create, because they could have just animated the whole thing.
But they tried.
They should, because I have to interact with his bowls through the hole.
He's a stilts is on steel.
What's he wearing?
A tie?
Oh, no.
It's very graphic on his face, is there?
But it's like, Whoa, I was exaggerating.
And you're showing where that you're you're not holding them.
You need to get this one checked.
Yeah, well, It was just like uncomfortable, but it was just for a film.
Now we're doing a serious so it's gonna be years of my life interacting with those both.
Do we show the picture?
I I think I have a picture of you guys from this yet you're looking at right where his testicles would be.
Look at her expression.
She's at least looking at his face.
That's great.
Yeah, because, you know, it's how much t old films.
So we showed in the way they shot.
So everything was built and there was no green screens.
Actors were there.
I think that makes it easier.
I mean, I would think maybe you have a pair of balls.
Unless you have a pair of balls right in front of you.
That's always the exception to the rule.
But no, I'm really happy doing that.
You're back to that world and your son Your son must be happy to not not yet.
He doesn't believe in me anymore.
So he has to watch it and stay till the end and see, like, Okay, so you don't die in this one, right?
Thank you.
Your son's tough.
He's he's He's He's my sons like that to nothing.
Everything I do.
And he's like, uh, you're an ass, everything.
Everything I do, yeah, yeah, it's complete contempt for me.
I think it's healthy.
It is healthy.
He'll never get my money.
But it's healthy, huh?
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Diego Luna’s Son Was Pissed About The Ending Of "Rogue One" - CONAN on TBS

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 23, 2020
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