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We're here to talk about airplanes and what we've done.
What it means where we go from here.
So I think we're gonna start out with that video of that we took.
Here we go.
This is down 30 feet.
There's a little rock in between those.
Yeah, let's pause that.
Okay, So what are we looking at?
What is that?
Is it a tunnel that's been filled with rock?
Could have been a collapsed tunnel or a shaft.
That's what it looks like to me.
That's wood on either side.
And you have this This piece right here that looks like a beam E c the wood at the bottom coming out.
So I'd say it's probably Shafter tumble.
You see, the doesn't see the double layer there.
Double war.
That looks like a tunnel to me.
I mean, it goes in there.
It seemed like you followed would the whole way down.
How thick are those boards?
Two inches, Plus the ones on the right Where the one doesn't know.
Laugh a little bit narrower, wondering the right.
We're much for substantial.
Which one?
This Out.
Your upper.
Keep going.
You were at this.
This one right there.
What I've got tagged this year.
We've got this little could you see up on the screen.
Here you can see it.
Lines up calculated by Craig purely going off to the U shaped structures.
Assuming that the U shaped structure was put in there with a specific purpose, it looks more time like than shaft like, because it's just hard to picture that being a searcher effort isn't.
What I'm getting at is the 17 60 nines, which means that if it comes back old, it almost has to be original works, right?
That's right.
The den droll chronology.
If it puts that, would that we got If it says that's, you know, pretty money, pit discovery, then yeah, then you pretty much have to say cheese.
Very good chance, part of the flood tunnel.
If that data comes back old, we're right back at this thing.
That's where the bad news comes in.
We have to pull the sheet pile.
We have a timeline for that.
A very specific timeline.
But there's still great hope for Smith scope.
I don't think we can put an extra it.
So you know Smith's Cove isn't done.
Although the team has found promising evidence of the main flood tunnels, they're faced with a disappointing and unfortunate reality.
In less than 24 hours, representatives from Irving Equipment LTD.
Are sent to arrive and begin staging heavy equipment at the Smith's Cove area in order to remove the massive steel cofferdam.
Because this operation will take several weeks and will make working at Smith's Cove and the nearby up, Linds virtually impossible, Rick, Marty and the team will now have to suspend their search activities in the area for the rest of the year.
Look, a you know, it's obvious, isn't it?
If you have, uh, undisturbed soil and then a bunch of wood and then undisturbed soil, that sure sounds like a tunnel to me, it's about where the so called flood tunnel needs to be.
We're gonna give up on something like that.
But having said all that, our permits aren't gonna allow us to do any more excavation this year.
We're done.
Okay, guys.
Well, here's what I heard lots of interesting stuff, but the key piece of data is yet to come.
We're all keenly interested in the general results on the question Mark Shaft, and that could lead us well, could lead us just about anywhere.
But in the meantime, I know Billy, you got a lot of work to do because that cheap oil has to come out so back adding good meeting.
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The Curse of Oak Island: COLLAPSED 200+ YEAR OLD TUNNEL REVEALED (PART2) (Season 7) | History

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 23, 2020
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