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  • in the case that this is overwhelming.

  • Don't worry.

  • It's supposed to be annoyed my life while editing these videos.

  • I've personally been to 28 different workshops this month and a whole bunch of gatherings outside of that so it can get pretty overwhelming being see in my eyes this type of overwhelm is a beautiful thing.

  • I'm overwhelmed by how many amazing friends I've made by homey epic experiences I'm having in all the education.

  • Forget it.

  • Way getting ready to do right now change young people's lives.

  • I'm gonna destroy everyone.

  • I got a workshop today.

  • This morning was going to 10 people there.

  • It's gonna be super fun.

  • We're gonna talk about inspiring the world media.

  • I've seen the way he also invited to dinners all the time and you never know who's gonna be there.

  • Wait.

  • Theory behind the scenes at inspired evolution with get me to do a little podcast episode streak Amar route Teaching us business today and how to be a great business owners and then, like, way live together.

  • I'm gonna, you know, political marriage way Giving trouble, every move, every brush too.

  • This is way.

  • Wait, wait.

  • Have I been completely overwhelmed this week.

  • Yes.

  • Do I feel like that's what helps us grow the most?

  • Yes.

  • Will I be back?

  • Absolutely.

  • Wait week.

in the case that this is overwhelming.

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