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Oh, wait.
He could you know, you could get there.
Well, could you get okay?
I couldn't.
Okay, you know, why couldn't they just get there?
Yeah, E.
How did you Hey.
Hey, I know you, Theo.
Joining my job is to get what I was saying, Theo.
All right, Serena.
Doing capable?
I'm giving me that.
Oh, you know, you don't th I wasn't looking.
You know what he said If I didn't have it in the media, and I think Okay, okay.
Not a global would always gave all about Tony.
Okay, go.
Well, come on, man.
You can't change it or you gonna torture.
I okay.
Okay for me.
You know what she's I mean, good tone in all.
You left me.
No, I don't.
How did you know that?
How does your power, Cody?
I Oh, you know your courage, Hedrick day.
I only 13 Wait.
I didn't go to the body.
No way.
I didn't know my but we should wait to get that Open the door.
Turn you from back up today.
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의심하는 관객의 마음과 숨바꼭질하다 / Playing hide-and-seek with incredulous audience | Eunyoung Oh | TEDxSNU

27 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 23, 2020
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