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Hey guys, William here and I just wanted to talk about Pure Leverage real quick
it actually surprised me quit a bit
I joined pure leverage about a week ago
when you have
that just launched last month
i've been seeing it everywhere and i wanted to check it out see what it's all
about and know that you guys have been around for uh... like forever
back when they were kiosk and then into GVO
but even though they've been around for a while
I never really gotten into any of their other products but
for some reason i decided to check it out
so far from what i've seen of it
I love it
up for it
just one thing i haven't gotten into everything yet
yep yep
there's quite a few tools i haven't even gotten to
with just
the auto responder that comes with it
it's like the perfect
training tool for anybody that wants to know how to build a list
and i've been trying to help people at building lists
uh... for several years now and
number one question
eric being picked up always comes up as a whatsoever
it's like okay idea that they need to come up with a
reason to get people about the i'd
this that pretty other
but what do i write about what do i send people emails
what's great about this is a few good men
level one martin c
like twenty four some twenty five bucks
you get the auditors found repeatedly capture system
uh... legislation in this report
delete actresses film it is it's just going to be the basic
you know uh...
squeeze pages that they have that's the cotton squeeze pages
probably seen them
that he kidnapped
click the link down below the video you'll see the difference these pages of
the rotator
of their current there are really nice lookin squeeze pages
problem answers
probably his post fifty thousand members now i think
a month after they'd watch so
the squeeze pages have been seen everywhere at their beautiful squeeze
pages they are still hurting
but i would recommend using
creating your own squeeze page which you can do with the autoresponder
what what what they really liked about it is
basically list for you
where that's one thing that
a lot of more experienced workers down
yugioh even here because it's kind of a pain setup
and most people don't
just bother could do it
this is the perfect
example of how you should set up your list
hero i think you put
you're promoting
your squeeze pages like the winds down below
remember will sign up
and they will be done if your laboratory
that they upgraded baby
become a customer
you're taking up the needless
and they are added to your customers
they become a reseller from another taken up customer list
going there
resellers lists and update become a v_i_p_ member from there
will be taken off of that leads to put it on the young people's
peggy said that's exactly how journalists should be set up
uh... no matter what it is a permanent your current free offer
we give people in
and then you're promoting api offer till
you shouldn't keep
them on all your list so they're getting
five sixteen of the time
where you may have a different you're going to have a different series for
different people depending on where they're at
in sequence of purchasing instrument
and setup experts in the way it is
i would also recommend that you come in
and you didn't get it all these emails you know personalize them make the more
you use these as a template
and you can go in
edit all the emails you know this is that they really did
their customer
decontaminated edit all these emails
and make this is that this is a full autoresponder in and of itself
tell other companies out there and also a pretty corrupted squeeze page
guilty person point our listing will promote it for you
now this is your
that's not the case is that this is your are responder
i've been testing it as i have no problems with liver ability so far
uh... message isn't getting through
uh... if you want you could send out of it just like anything further i respond
or you could send out a broadcast
uh... needed edit the follow ups you can adler follow-up state you don't like
going to take them out
you get stats for everything
uh... it's just very simple
easy to follow
hairless building one-on-one of the old days
uh... but he said
the squeeze pages themselves
have on that because the stages but they're going to sing
albums recommend that you do something different standout make your own
squeeze pages
you know temen two daughters founder
thessaloniki any other autoresponder and create your
we have all the different template you can choose
and you can make your room
honor respect your own opt-in pages theirs
particularly the
let lisa analyst is yours
it's back you're not building your net added people out there
so you can send mails will be happy about that you never see
emails if you don't know
whether or not it's actually your affiliate you are l internet
some companies city what you or your
you have who control urban email
captain they become part of your list
you don't need to worry about what to write it's already working for you
ban same rectify would recommend
they went through each email
checking them out
customizing on
uh... but you don't have to do it all looks at you know goodwin read the first
email it's going to go out
attitude as you need
come in the next day
looking to next year you don't have to do it all at once and then what you've
gone through that see how they've set up the emails
c l_ the whole series goes uh...
this is uh... prospect
uh... when they become a member
become a member of the circuit in new york
look at that sequence that they are ready have set up
and then
annually whenever out creature
for something completely different
uh... i would recommend promoting us
it's simple you know it's twenty five dollars to sign up
and you get ten thousand subscribers
and that's just
forward the audit was fun
yet nothing else that's a great deal
so if you go over to
it's again response
ten thousand subscribers
sixty five dollars a month
uh... be accused anywhere ever
reserve currency
uh... c
and that i wasn't stragglers is fifty dollars
that perhaps the price you're getting
a full complete daughter responder
your list
emails already populated you don't know what to write about
just yet people on that list
supermarket leverage
it's a great system because
alone like you said
beyond responders well worth it
twenty five dollars for ten thousand
email t ten thousand lives
capped the prices you're gonna find it anywhere else
they also have
coaching converted
we also have a video email service
i don't know much about them i'd like to try that out this video after i make it
and send this
people that i have on my list to see how that works uh...
you get the authority blog
that's not set up yet
uh... if you're going to use it
it will work uh...
you know i don't work i haven't used yet so i can't really say much about it
traffic generation that
you get lights
meeting rooms these are the aegean conference rooms at the scene of the me
you get up to a hundred seat meeting room
that appear
i would be making is that
so that's another reason that i wanted to have this just looked at the
conference room
there will be making use of that
keep an eye out for that update
the senate's invites out for a differently each time you know
but uh...
never those to you
together even if you use nothing else is well course twenty four bucks a month
and uh... you get all the extras
as well at that
i can't comment on certain doug until the end i don't know how well the where
well i i do you know
would have seen so far i'm actually surprised by it blew me away really
i'm surprised that i like it so much and surprise you know that i'm actually
going to get behind us and promote this
now it
u_k_ back that you have some people
are ready
in the week after system act
and promoting it
well azmi i've been doing but nameless faceless
marking pretty much is using
using the squeeze pages that they provided i didn't create man squeeze
page for this year
uh... use using this restate repeaters
standalone in putting that into the buyer
viral mailers
europeans are gathering of our team making more work
that that's the day
and i'm getting and getting good use out of the tools
of for me it's a governor
love to have your own bored what would you have any questions just let me know
uh... you want to check it out
okay check out the act
the squeeze page writes down below
click on a couple of times you'll see the difference
uh... squeeze pages that they have their space to update them from time to time
as set out and probably be making their own
squeeze pages
but need a copy of one of those that you want to try to happier make use of
just let me know
let up
jetstar i put that out there
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Pure Leverage For List Building

1218 Folder Collection
Kevin Johnson published on February 10, 2014
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