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  • I have to say, Yeah.

  • No.

  • Yeah.

  • Did you hear that?

  • I think I stutter.

  • Is because it's Anna.

  • Hey, Anna, did you ever lose your suitcase coming to Paris?

  • What did you I have lost my suitcase on countless occasions, but fortunately, I have many friends in Paris that our designers So I call them up.

  • How do you know?

  • What's your favorite accessorizing you've seen this season?

  • My favorite accessory.

  • Waas the shells up Prada, first of all, because they were beautiful.

  • But secondly, Mutar told me that they were based on the polls that she wears all the time herself.

  • So that felt very personal and real to me.

  • And then because I love gardens.

  • I love the hats it's Stephen Jones did for the Dior show.

  • Hey, and now, what are the top trends of this season?

  • Wicca, raffia, embroidery, color prints, shorts.

  • Very tall girls, flat shoes and made because it's raining so much.

  • Lots of lots of trenches.

  • Hi, Anna.

  • I have a question for you today.

  • So it is one thing in all your career that you wish you would have seen on a fashion show.

  • And you have never seen what could be such a good question.

  • Well, I was not at this particular show, but my more experienced colleagues tell me that a very early Viktor and Rolf collection featured tap dances and says, I really, really love tap dancing.

  • I would love a designer in his or her show to incorporate nothing but tap dancing.

  • Anna, I've got a question for you.

  • I know you work incredibly hard on my questions.

  • This when was the last time you honestly had a day off where you could really kick back on, Actually switch your brain off?

  • Have you ever done?

  • Yes, Stella, Last Saturday I went to Geneva and I took my sister and two of my nephews to the labor car, which is an amazing tournament that Roger has created where we have Team World and Team Europe.

  • And by far the greatest moment of my fashion months was when Roger asked me to toss the coin before his singles match with Nick curios.

  • So that's my collections.

  • Always about optimism.

  • I wonder what has made you feel optimistic.

  • I think what has made me feel the most optimistic is the joy of many of the collections, but also their painterly quality.

  • Hey, Anna.

  • What were your favorite looks from the long Fashion week?

  • Well, first of all, congratulations on your engagement.

  • And secondly, there were some incredible shows in Milan, but on a very personal level, I loved the money show.

  • I thought the colors were so joyful and so optimistic.

  • Plus, some of it was made from recycled fabrics.

  • But it felt modern.

  • It felt wearable.

  • It felt completely timely and timeless at the same time.

  • What's your favorite French word week?

  • I want to know that when you're in London professionally, if you get any downtime, what do you like to do?

  • Is arrest?

  • You like to go t o tell me what you love to do in London when you're here.

  • I always try to go to the theater while I'm in London.

  • But I couldn't face the four hours on Russian poisoning.

  • So I went to see six, which was in our 10.

  • Based on the six wives off Henry the eighth with quite a new take it Waas basically the Spice Girls Victoria, Uh, meeting female empowerment.

  • Good afternoon.

  • Social and political issues of being embraced by design is more than what the relevant messages this season.

  • Well, I think there's no question that every single journalist is asking designers their view on climate change, climate crisis and sustainability, which I think is a really tough question to answer in the scrum backstage, because obviously it's a supply chain issue.

  • But I also think we have to remain very aware off diversity and inclusivity on the runway, and that is something where the runway should speak for itself.

  • As I know yours does, John, I am.

  • If you have to mention three after they make the perfect show, which would be the Apollo, the three words that I would choose our fearlessness creativity on dhe punctuality.

  • Hi, I was wondering, What do you think?

  • The highlights of New York Fashion Week?

  • So for me, the personal expression of the individual designers through the presentation of their shows was by far the most interesting take away from New York Fashion Week.

  • I love the fact that Tom Ford went completely against his glamorous persona and showed in a New York subway.

  • I love the joy of the girls running towards you in the armory at Marc Jacobs.

  • I love the simplicity of the row in their loft, or Ralph recreating a jazz club from the twenties because that's what he loves.

  • And I think in his next life he wants to come back as Frank Sinatra meets Cary Grant.

  • And how amazing was Jenelle Monet?

  • But for me, maybe the most emotional moment of New York Fashion Week was driving to your show on the morning of September the 11th and seeing thes impressive, big, exquisitely dressed fireman, all lined up outside their firehouses, weeping, I wanna I know Roger is and always will be your favorite, but I was wondering if there is an up and coming player, male or female.

  • You enjoy life, Tom.

  • There's absolutely no replacement for the greats of tennis like Roger and Serena, but I really enjoyed the Russian whose name I can't pronounce because he brings his therapist to his box.

  • And then I really also enjoyed the Italian player whose name I think is very teeny, who brought in Italian chef to the player's box.

  • Hey, and, uh, I have a really important question for you.

  • Which designer has surprised you this fashion?

  • Iman.

  • I was thrilled to see you on the runway at Saatchi, and I think everybody in the fashion world was surprised by who walked out last at Donatella's show, Anna Lima and I'm dying to know what was your favorite memory.

  • Adam knew something that the rest of us didn't, because he chose the barristers chambers to show his magical collection.

  • And to be sitting surrounded by those beautiful buildings in that extraordinary garden was, to me particularly emotional and memorable and unusual people often as a ship, my work to science, fiction and future.

  • What would you wear on the trip to space on a such a good question?

  • Nikola, I think that I would wear all white as a symbol off hope and of peace, huh?

I have to say, Yeah.

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