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If you think of Macau, you probably think about gambling and for good reason.
It’s the world’s largest gambling hub.
The region generates four times more gaming revenue than that Las Vegas, making it one
of the richest places in the world.
But there is more to Macau than slot machines and roulette wheels.
For over 400 years it was a Portuguese colony. Ancient Chinese temples sit on streets paved
with traditional Portuguese tiles.
Welcome to Macau.
Macau is only a one hour ferry ride from Hong Kong and is gambling mecca.
In 2017 Mainland Chinese tourists made over 22 million trips to Macau
and spent $273 per person.
There are 41 casinos in the region and the gambling industry makes up 60% of GDP.
But there is more to this city. You don’t have to spend your time throwing your money
away in air conditioned rooms.
This is Macau Peninsula - a large section of which is a designated a UNESCO World Heritage
Here the blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture is plain to see.
Churches sit alongside temples. While fortresses bear a mix characteristics.
These are the ruins of St. Paul’s, probable the the most well-known landmark in Macau.
It was originally a 17th-century church and college but was destroyed by fire in the 19th
It features baroque carvings of oriental themes.
The bend of cultures has also shaped the food scene.
Street vendor's will sell you sell you Portuguese custard tarts and pork chop bun, which are
the Macau version of a hamburger.
At the other end of the spectrum is A Lorcha.
This authentic Portuguese restaurant keeps the colonial culinary heritage of Macau alive
It’s interior design is a node to the area’s navel history.
Finally, check out the view from The Macau Tower,
And then leap off it.
You can bungie down from the platform 233 meters above the ground.
Sure beats walking
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Exploring Macau, Beyond the Casinos

53 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 21, 2020
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