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  • Hello, everyone.

  • And welcome to another video.

  • Now, When it released in 2000 and 11 the original Dark Souls game wasn't exactly known for its fantastic optimization.

  • Quite the opposite.

  • In fact, he run it 30 f b s and there are infinite forums asking about improving PC performance there.

  • Eventually a community Marchal de s fix meant users could uncap the frame rate, enhance the resolution and add extra features like S s A.

  • I never played the original.

  • So when I saw that the remastered version was coming to PC, I decided I may as well pre ordering and begin my dark Selves journey to my delight.

  • It also unlocked on steam early and I found that the performance was very good.

  • I decided this would then be the next game in this series.

  • I call Can I am Devi's rise in AP use?

  • Run it a serious I started with far cry five a couple of months back on one that aims to pick the latest releases against AM Devi's rise in 3 22 100 G and rising 5 24 100 Jury to see how long they and their integrated graphics can hold up its being a re master.

  • The minimum requirements have become more demanding, with the developers recommending a quad core I five six Court FX on HD 68 70 or GTX 4 60 The recommended specs are, of course, hire yet follow the popular trend of recommending a GTX 6 60 or HD 78 70.

  • So can am these AP use manage?

  • Well, let's start off with the cheaper option the 2200 G.

  • Now there really aren't many graphical options to choose from in this game.

  • To be honest, with no low, medium or high presets to select, I decided to keep things a 10 80 p with tempore anti alias ing on.

  • I turned off motion blur and depth of field, though, as those are two options I switch off in most games.

  • The game ran very well here, to be honest, sitting very close to 60 frames per second on average.

  • Most of the time, I played through the opening half hour with both the rising three and rise and five Andi, now £80 on $95.2200 g made light work of this remastered title.

  • A lot of people on steam was saying in the reviews to just get the original game with the D s, fixed more to improve the once lacking performance.

  • But I think if, like me, you're new to this Siri's, then it will be a suitable place to start if you have a graphics card equal in performance to something like the onboard Vega eight GPU here, I also turn things down to 7 20 be at one point to see if we could iron out some of the frame drops, though the resolution change made no difference, meaning you may as well leave it at 10 80 p if you have a full HD monitor.

  • Of course, moving on to the more expensive, rising 5 24 100 G, and this result surprised me a little bit because the game didn't seem to run as well.

  • No, I don't know if this is just me, but I saw far more frame dips with the eight threaded a P U here than I did with its little brother.

  • I removed a Marine still the CPU and run the game again at 10 80 p with the same settings I used beforehand and had a very similar experience.

  • They're strangely enough, limiting the game to 60 FBS using another program like River Tuna or DX Story solved a few of these issues, even though the game is capture 60 F PS anyway.

  • However, if it works, it works, though with both a b use ableto handle for HD 60 f.

  • P s.

  • You have a great time with either one, though.

  • Just watch out for frame dips on the rise in 5 24 100 g.

  • However, the results today we're nice to see, considering the performance off the original game was some.

  • What's lacking.

  • So as I hope you enjoyed today's video, this has been a little look at the remastered version off dark.

  • So it was a game I've been looking forward to play for a couple of months now, but never really got the chance to play the original.

  • I'm happy to report that it runs well on a MDs AP use, of course, which are ideal for eight budgets gaming system.

  • So, as always, thank you very much for watching if you enjoy this video lever like on it down below.

  • If you didn't leave a dislike, let me know if you're planning on getting this game yourselves on.

  • DDE hit that subscribe button if you haven't done so already.

  • Hopefully I'll see all of you in the next one.

Hello, everyone.

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