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we're focus on the passages that compare michael jordan and copyright because i
would be that we all know that the riyadh
that i didn't know it is in many sports fans have these sorts of its repeatedly
pressed by anybody let all this time
solicita under leadership steve one of the biggest differences between the two
stars from my perspective was michael superior skills as a leader
though at times he could be hard on his teammates
michael was masterful at controlling the emotional climate of the team with the
power of his presence
colby had a long way to go before you make that claim
he talked about the
but do you get to experience the cold truth of leadership in his balls
as michael had in his book
so gap pretty strong stuff
cities that he had indicated this any dispute though the harsh words now
but i actually think i've forgotten spot on
uh... kobe bryant
i mean he's unbelievable artwork that requires
also unbelievable and i love him for that and i'm a lifetime lakers fan
uh... but i have a hard time lobbying colby and here's why
i think that badly here uh... and some of its not really his fault because he
came into the league when was young
i can't illegal in and join in teen uh... that you know these veterans
accomplish veteran so there was a sub teenager who seventeen we came in
and uh... you know he was on a space station playing games
he was also cheaper per traveling u_n_ wasn't really doesn't have suffered some
for for so that's so
he just didn't have opportunities to be a leader of the way jordan did when he
came to leave me he just never really developed into the leader
that he could have been
and he's got a lot better the last week he hears
but he was
i think the back to me and a badly here for much of his career mixes while
couple of things uh...
he has a very selfish way of playing this is the reason why i do it and
saying about code because i get so frustrated at the end the games he wants
to worry
at all-cause even if it
lessons this check-kiting scandal wanting
he always has a shot as a physically here statistically has been proven that
he's not a clinic where he's
parable of the clutch actually terrible
but if i'm planning team
where someone's taking selfish act
i'm less inclined to run back on defense i'm less inclined to make the companies
that make the cut the grass and hit the ball anyway andersonville you respect
that guy because of it
that is there with the territory but because he is
he he he has been in the week for so many years any sort of gain that respect
that he can get away with taking those crummy shots cuz you know that fifty
utility vehicle and it really hits that one then he's gonna make his next eight
out of ten
yeah i i don't do anything in that respect
don't light up at basketball annual i want to trust his teammates
thanks for your personal preference i understand that but that's why he's not
the leader that michael jordan
no question michael was a tougher more intimidating defender so still jackson
he could break super chilly any screen
and shut down almost any player with his intense laser focus style with defense
laser focus that with defense and like you a moment
and then we have called
in general colin tends to rely more heavily on his flexibility and crafted
but he takes a lot of gambles on defense
and sometimes the the price
jordan was also more naturally inclined to let the game come to him and not
overplay his hand whereas colby tends to force the action
especially when the game isn't going this way
when he shot is off culpable power of the way were left with say until his
luck turns
michael on the other hand
which shifts attention to defense or passing the seven screens to help the
team win the game
i recall many games where where jordan we shoot
you know six for twenty
it's a bashing night
but he would
to do the things that don't show up in rocks initiative repro
he he would he would get this issue we get inactive paused he was that the
and you can see the way he's tenderly helping the team when an intent to me as
well through leadership
and force with colby gets another fs
source of frustration for me when he takes that shot so seems like usual
jackson are on the same level because you know you say you know his name me a
romantic phyllis saying that he was immediately you i mean
and really dislike for the accident he's so smart and so self-righteous
uh... but he's spot on this michael was more charismatic entered areas and colby
you what do you know the steam it security guards playing cards smoking
cigars and joking around
spices bills for sparing that's probably why isn't over this
coby is different
he was reserve as a teenager in part because he was younger than the other
players in hand develop strong social skills in college
with his teammates present location to keep himself it did as a grueling
creasing lee colby put more energy into getting to know the other players
especially when the team
was on the road so ok i have mixed feelings about this one
cuz i have heard
stories about how can headed toward wasn't how even on the golf course he
he he he was
overly competitive that ruin the game for some of the other players and also
on hand and that is this a ping-pong story that i believe you told me a army
during during the primaries in in the area uh...
and he had to start off with the next hour pacers and
and but no wonder openly in the fight me
talk shit about it
i mean the players have respect for it and they tried carefully when
when i was like jordan
called it was different
players openly uh... pop rock about her
uh... you know i hear the open feud with without ray allen
with roger o'dell
uh... i mean ruin patterson was part of the colby stopper from the people just
in respect of the way they respected your colby was hell bent on surpassing
jordan as the greatest player in the game
his obsession with michael was striking
when we played in chicago that season and orchestrated a meeting between the
two stars thinking that michael might help shift colby's attitude
towards selfless
and rwanda
after they shook hands the first words out of colby's not work
you know i can kick your ass one-on-one
it's a little while
and surprising
'cause that that you know what we're talking which is what from
elite anyways the guide to talking shit to
there's only one on one basketball team is not basketball
it is not still think it's a uh... and the kids if it's a different form of
best is not it is that the citizens of regained as i had a three-person contest
is not became a basketball as and i went to fort yes element of the overall again
yeah so so aside from the one on one one one
so that's another way to you
uh... i guess this is your opinion because as you said you'd not the
biggest colby
however when he cannot outs in like this
are you okay with that are you okay with you during these sorts of things that i
mean i'm sure colby is not interpose
also our other not published says one of our published a book about what i hear
two eighteen out of you
about some of the study is that
i would love that i love you uh... yes okay
yes right right up my books coming soon
is equivalent to that of course is costly finds very demanding your partner
part of all of us
that colby has every right to write a book about
so jackson's coaching verses
i don't know my browns cat
colby put out on twitter the comparisons are half say apples two oranges wonder
what the perception of the if
and as a mentor
uh... played with shack instead uh... different roles
different for a pasar file to have sex
just agreed and really quickly michael jordan had one uh... n_b_a_ defensive
player of the year but we did not six andy eight finals and the piece by then
the peace talks nine time on the fence of first-team cally right to time finals
and eighty nine time all defense team
one of the people show up for the only one
one of the people
bud light so do you agree with released we do you think it's just of different
career paths that shouldn't
uh... in genesis impairs yes as the phil jackson is a u_s_ idea i think elixir a
fair point com
if jordan had shack
there where one might
general absolutely and bill copy captive yeah dwayne wade
won a championship with with happen shack
uh... been hijackers prime
uh... it's doing weight had checked as prime you want to know
so they had to expose you to you gotta bring i think so it didn't do cuz its
huge that series and account finals and the peas
brother comparing rates because
work us mock you are currently has more recent rose more wanting some parties
analyzers maki walker i'd like to compare finals and the peas
because that means you want it all and you're the top dog that made it all
happened circle bs two of those
uh... toward has six six it's not so
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Michael Jordan vs Kobe Bryant

4814 Folder Collection
Peter Hung published on February 8, 2014
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