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  • the existing arena agreement just doesn't work for the U.

  • K.

  • And Parliament's turned it out three times.

  • We can't have this backs.

  • Boris Johnson has laid out his tough Brexit negotiating stance in elected to Donald Tusk, president of the European Council.

  • The prime minister has said that the Irish border backs off is incompatible with his vision for the U.

  • K's future.

  • He says it's undemocratic on must be scrapped if both sides want to avoid a no deal Brexit on October 31st.

  • But the letter has been roundly rejected by Brussels, who have in turn accused Mr Johnson of dishonesty.

  • So what's going on on?

  • What does it mean for Brexit, the prime minister?

  • Since entering Downing Street, Mr Johnson has said that the backstop on insurance policy of a temporary customs union to make sure there is never hard border on the island of Ireland has to go.

  • In his four page letter to Mr Tusk, he spout out exactly why Mr Johnson says the Baxter breaks the Good Friday agreement helped deliver peace in Ireland for 20 years.

  • He says it pose an intolerable constraint on the UK Africa's left the block.

  • He claimed its undemocratic and crucially, it would keep Brexit Britain within the use Regular tree orbit on would limit its ability to diverge.

  • After Brexit with the letter, the prime minister wanted to look as reasonable as possible to appear constructive in the face of what he is likely to say is intransigence by the You summon Westminster think, however, but he's laying the ground for a blame game against Brussels.

  • If the UK ends of leaving the you without a deal, everything in this letter has essentially, Bean said before we know the U isn't budging on the backs up on.

  • We know that Mr Johnson himself wants it removed.

  • The prime minister is off to Berlin, then to Paris on, then be a Ritz later this week for the G seven summit, his debut on the world stage.

  • But given his stance on the back stop on the uncompromising response from the U number 10 is expecting any kind of Brexit breakthrough.

  • Yes, there will be smiles and pleasantries, but the fact is there is no progress on that does not bode well for a smooth Brexit in September.

  • It's then over to the House of Commons to see where the majority of MPs opposed to know dear confined away of thwarting the prime minister's plan.

  • The next Brexit battle is set to be over domestic legislation on whether parliament can force Mr Johnson into yet another Brexit delay.

  • It is going to be a very bumpy ride ahead.

  • The longer that goes on, the more likely it is, of course, that we will be forced to leave with a with a no deal, Brexit.

the existing arena agreement just doesn't work for the U.

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