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  • [AIKO] Hello world! Where I'm from in Canada, this is what making a real Mexican Taco is like.

  • My friend Ximena has a taco restaurant, and her dad is the chef...

  • [XIMENA'S DAD] Since I was a kid, I really enjoyed to cook,

  • so I always cooked with my parents. I always spent time in the kitchen with my mom.

  • [AIKO] ...and her whole family works there.

  • [XIMENA'S DAD] Most of them are the traditional Mexican recipes like the Carnitas is

  • The same recipe as we will have in Mexico

  • [AIKO] Now we're gonna make tacos ourselves.

  • [XIMENA'S DAD] Mix it gentle. Like just put a little bit of water

  • Just put half for the beginning, and you're gonna like you're gonna mix the water with the corn flour

  • [SHIN] Like this much? [XIMENA'S DAD] A little bit more, maybe.

  • [SHIN] Then mix it?

  • [XIMENA'S DAD] Yup. Just start mixing.

  • Slowly, Just so you don't miss the flour from the bowl.

  • [AIKO] So Ximena's dad brought a finished one so we can see how soft it has to be.

  • [SHIN] Oh my god! [XIMENA'S DAD] Is it close to this one?

  • So it's hard to make it to a ball, because it has water, so it goes in little pieces.

  • [XIMENA'S DAD] Yeah, this looks pretty good.

  • The way we normally do it in Mexico, like in every house, they will have one of these.

  • No, that's very big.

  • You have to make like a little more than a ball.

  • [SHIN] I'm the fastest! [XIMENA'S DAD] You can use... This is wax paper, but you can use any plastic or...

  • Very tiny Tortilla.

  • Don't--no, you have to put... You have to put both, otherwise it sticks. Yeah

  • That's okay

  • We can redo it. You want to cook yours? Okay, let's cook one of yours.

  • We have to be really careful with this grill, because this is really really hot.

  • Tortillas just take 60 seconds to cook, okay? So we're just gonna put it on top,

  • like this,

  • and let the grill do the work.

  • So you can press a little bit, just so it's all cooked even. You want the tortilla to pop because...

  • when it mixes with the water

  • it creates steam in the middle. So that's gonna cook the inside of the tortilla.

  • That's pretty quick. It's popping a little bit.

  • [GREG] Go fast, fast. There you go, you had it.

  • [XIMENA'S DAD] So you see, this one is steaming. when they start to steam

  • it's the moment to flip it. You can flip this one. [GREG] Shin, flip it! quick! It's steaming.

  • Oh, nice flip. [XIMENA'S DAD] Niiiice.

  • [GREG] Watch out, Shin.

  • Oh, oh. Wo-ho-ho!

  • [SHIN] It almost went in the (?)

  • [GREG] That was close, Shin.

  • [SHIN] I make it hot, I make it hot, I make it hot, hot, hot.

  • [AIKO] After we cooked the tacos we got to put toppings in it

  • [XIMENA'S DAD] Carnitas...

  • [SHIN] No meat. [GREG] No meat, Shin?

  • [SHIN] Yeah, vegetarian.

  • [GREG] "Three cheese Shin's special taco". Okay, what else you getting, Shin?

  • [SHIN] Fish.

  • [GREG] Oh, fish. [XIMENA'S DAD] We're gonna have to warm that up.

  • [GREG] Oh, you have to warm it up, Shin.

  • What are we gonna do? Oh! Look, Shin. Oooh!

  • Be careful, Shin.

  • [SHIN] 3, 2, 1...0!

  • [XIMENA'S DAD] You want to melt the cheese? [AIKO] Yeah.

  • [XIMENA] Dad, only today I'll put...

  • [EVERYONE] Cheers!

  • [XIMENA'S DAD] Good?

  • [GREG] Let's see Shin. What do you think, Shin?

  • [XIMENA'S DAD] That's your creation. [SHIN] Good.

  • [GREG] Yeah?

  • [SHIN] This is my creation.

  • [GREG] I know it's your creation.

  • What about you, Ximena?

  • [XIMENA] It's good.

  • The first time I thought pico de gallo was good.

  • [GREG] Aiko? [AIKO] It's good.

  • [SHIN] This is very good.

  • [XIMENA'S DAD] I think it's actually pretty good. Yeah future in Mexican cooking

  • [SHIN] So are you gonna put it on the menu?

  • So how about we can just put a poster "at October we have the fish in this taco".

  • It was really, really hard. It was more than what I expect.

  • It was my -well- my first time opening a restaurant, and in a different country than mine.

  • So yeah, it was really hard, but it's really worth it. I'm really happy now

  • [SHIN] Thanks for watching! See you next time! Bye! What are tacos like where you're from?

[AIKO] Hello world! Where I'm from in Canada, this is what making a real Mexican Taco is like.

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Making Authentic Mexican Tacos

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