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  • I'm just doing my eye with a super macro lens really close up.

  • We're gonna see if we can see movement inside my eyeball.

  • Let's get hot lights on Shot 1000 frames a second, which is 40 times slower on.

  • When I was playing this back, I noticed something really weird, something I've never seen before.

  • And that is that the iris in my eye, which is the color part?

  • It's actually really loose.

  • It wobbles around as though it's jelly.

  • So I was sort of making small adjustments with my eye twitching around looking at different stuff.

  • And every time I stopped the iris off, carried ordinance off, wobbled around until it stopped as well.

  • But it's just I've never seen that before.

  • I'm not.

  • I'm not sure whether everyone's eye does this in Slimer.

  • Whether I've got some sort of my condition, maybe some, uh, opticians out that can let me know.

  • But I thought was really cool to look at.

  • You have to excuse the vein, Eunice of my I hadn't had much sleep before we film this.

  • Some of the footage has been sped up because even though I could only keep my eye open for about five seconds.

  • It's still added up to minutes worth of footage.

  • And I don't want to bore you too much.

  • Heller.

  • I'm gonna ask you something we've never done before.

  • We're actually gonna start during the day course where you can come down to our studio in Oxford, which is where we film will be indoor episodes of the slammer guys, including the eyeball one What you just watched and you could learn the basics of high speed.

  • It'll just be like an introduction day.

  • Too slow, Mo.

  • Like what you need to be able to shoot in slo mo and stuff like that.

  • You'll be up to use our famous phantom flicks Slow motion camera, which are extremely expensive and rare on you.

  • Maybe we ought to shoot some of your own ideas and take away some of the footage of the end to show your friends.

  • But on Facebook, whenever you want to do on and you'll be fun day, every educational as well and it's run by myself on one of my colleagues who is an expert in high speed been doing it for many years.

  • Yeah, I think it be fun if you're interested it will cost £250 for the day.

  • So if you want to get involved, have a little think about it.

  • Send an email to slow mo day at gmail dot com on.

  • We'll send you more information and a booking form.

  • Yeah, that's pretty much it.

  • I think I covered everything.

  • Yeah, some think about see in the next video.

I'm just doing my eye with a super macro lens really close up.

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