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Hey, what is going on, guys?
They were taking a look at the master aged nine Ju O V.
A version and wow.
It's been a while since I've built this kit and it still looks so amazing.
This is such a nice looking kit.
I just tend to forget after you don't see it for a while.
But, man, I love this kid.
So this gate originally came out in 2009 as master grade Birkoff.
Later, the over a version basically just changed.
Some of the material to some of the A.
B s frame got changed to just polystyrene plastic.
And also now the O.
A version does also include the bazooka, which the original version did not include in the box.
So if you really want to get this gift, basically the only reason for getting the burqa is if you really want the burqa decals, but you can buy the bird.
Call details separately if you can find them.
I think sometimes that can be a little bit hard to find.
But ultimately, I think probably this is the best version of this kid to get, though you can still get the archive if you do really prefer that.
But anyway, if you do want to get this kid, I highly recommend you get it from us.
A Gundam store.
So thank you for their support and sponsoring this review.
You can get this kid and everything else.
They're on their side with 10% off using coupon code there.
Zach Aurelius 10 listed down their innovative description as was linked to the site.
So check them out.
This get Yeah, 10 years old now.
But, man, does it still hold up very nicely.
And the weapons, accessories, everything for this, everything you get in the box definitely make it.
Well, well worth the price.
This is one of master graves that you definitely have to build at some point.
I don't really ever say that very often, but this is one that I definitely recommend that everyone should build at some point, just because of how great it is.
And yeah, we'll we'll get into it.
So let's just start off by just going through every all the accessories, everything that we get included in the box here with this.
All right, First up, this came with a big sheet of foil stickers for all the gold lining which I did use on here and I have to say, does look really good.
I mean, if you take the time to put it on nicely.
I mean, if you didn't want to paint this or use the waterside decals that we also have to show you in a minute, then I think using the stickers for this is a very viable option.
I mean, if you look really up close again, see our eyes, just stickers, you know, but at a distance.
The stickers do look really nice in that Golda Chrome.
For those I think, very convincing.
But if you're feeling a little bit more ambitious, you do also, of course, have the waterslide vehicles here as well, which are also in a really nice bright chrome gold.
Although I don't know, I think you're probably in for a bit of a challenge using these, I think probably ultimately what I would do is just do a reverse wash painting technique.
But I might give these a try anyway, You also have a set of marking stickers.
I didn't use any of these.
This is just a bunch of different markings here in white's yellow and red, and we do also have a set of dry transferred as well.
So plenty a different decals.
You can put on this in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
And of course, we have an action based connector for this and a standing pilot figure here.
100 scale, full frontal.
It is just kind of standing pose.
All right, let's get into the weapons because we've got a lot to go over here.
So first we have the beam rifle, which is very nice to have a clearer green peace.
And there it's very light, clear green.
And they actually have two of them, one for, like the secondary camera back there, which can rotate out like that.
Or you can wrote it that in to line them up together.
Otherwise, this doesn't really do anything else.
Doesn't plug onto the back of the suit anywhere or anything.
It's just meant to be held in hand, but we can open up this for a storage with some other combination with some other weapons, which we'll get to in a moment, first of which, being the grenade launchers who just got this, I guess that's actually upside down.
There we go.
Is this gonna be held in the hand as it is?
I'm not sure how.
Well, though, I think it might be a little bit kind of wonky to get to actually hold on to that.
But we can plug this up into here that will just plug on the underside of there.
You can close this back up.
There you go.
For the more bulked out being rifle, look with the grenade launcher attachment on the bottom that I love this and that's really, really nice.
You can also attached that, though, onto the bottom of the shield of So here's a shield again, with some more of those cold stickers on their getting these lining bits.
You know, it's not really all that difficult to get them put on their straits again.
Stickers do look really nice.
You just take your time with those shield Just very nice, is it?
Just attach onto the back of them.
Unfortunately, no way to gonna slide this around like with the sausage beaver ca.
It's like kind of on a track.
You can slide the shield around to the side of the arm.
You don't have that option with this one.
That is one of things that I dislike about this.
Get unfortunately.
Excuse me.
Hey, guys, Editing Czako here and I realized something that I wanted to add into the video.
It's according to the manual.
You have this one left over extra piece from the Bazooka Runner and I didn't really think about it too much until I just kind of realized now that this is actually a different piece for the shield connector.
So you can use this to mount the shield not totally onto the side of the arm, but Maur off to this side rather than the straight onto the back of the arm, like with the regular show connector.
So not really sure why it tells you not to use this part at all.
But you can definitely use that to connect the shield on to this side of the arms, sort of.
So there you go.
You won't see it like this at all for the rest of the review, because everything else is already filmed.
But I just want to let you guys know that you do have that, and so don't throw away that extra part.
If you do want to use this for the shield, which you probably d'oh.
But this arm attachment can be folded up and you can actually mount this onto a hook like up on like the shoulder armor, which is kind of wonky.
It's really weird.
I'll show it to you guys in a little bit later, but I've never really found it to be all really that useful.
But as I mentioned, you can attach the grenade launcher here into the back of the shield.
We stink that up into there.
There you go.
That can be attached in there so you can shoot that out the shield instead.
Then we have the beam.
Axes thes are really nice.
This could just be handheld.
He's actually do a slide up like that as well for their extended form like that.
And so these can actually they have a different connectors there at the end that can be attached together to make it double beam acts like this and we've got some beautiful effect parts for these too short and too long beam effects parts again gonna be the same ones that are included with the subway burka And so you be familiar with these.
If you build that Kate already, of course, there's a shorter blade and the longer be more pointy blade.
And so the effect parts for these look fantastic.
These can also be stored into the back of the shield.
Oh, we stick one on this side on t'other on opposite sides like that.
There you go.
Those could be plugged into the back of a shield like that.
And then, of course, you can use the effect parts with that as well.
Like that for a really cool looking.
And that's half and half, of course, if you wanted to make it symmetrical, could use the same ones like that.
And now that's going to be very long and not sure how well it's going to have to hold on to that, cause now it's, of course, getting very heavy with all this on there.
But it can get heavier with our last excessively well, not net last.
Let's talk about these first, so we have these effects parts as well.
These beams savory effect for us being saber handles are stored up inside the forearm.
I'll show you the minister can just pull those out and we've got these really nice beams or effect parts here also in clear yellow really love the effect on these rather than just like your standard use a perfect Barthes have a much more interesting look to them.
They look fantastic.
But then the last successor here is, of course, the bazooka.
Just new to this version of the kids.
Here is the full extended form.
I guess I should say it like that.
It's really, really cool.
The main handle can move forward and back like that does also the secondary handle appear which can move side to side like that.
And as you saw here, it does also extend.
But that's for attaching it onto some either the rifle or back to the shields.
This also can be attached onto either one of those as well.
So the first thing to do that to remove this kind of a ray here on the top, go back to the rifle here and fold out the secondary camera like that.
And also remove this and take the pieces that we took off the top of the bazooka.
Remove this part here off the back real quick with the rifle scope onto the top of here.
They're like that and then take this beastly took off, put it back onto their plug this back onto the top of the beam rifle, and it's getting pretty booked out.
Now they're on the top.
It's pretty loaded up with all that stuff on the top of their.
And then we're going to take the bazooka and plug this onto the bottom here.
So you need to put this down to its fully closed up form like that, and then just plugs onto the bottom the same way that the grenade launcher did.
Clip that all into place.
And there you go.
I love this as well.
It's super duper heavy, though, so it's really not going to be able to hold this up because it's just too heavy.
But it looks fantastic.
If you can get told it up, then more power to you might have to use a secondary stand or something, or glue or pin the arm in place to make it totally exposed.
But this weapon is just too awesome looking.
So if you had to the bazookas you have one attached onto here, could also attached onto the back of the shield, though attached to the back of the shell.
We're going to take out this handle and then we're gonna put this connect this back onto the back part of here.
Plugs into place up inside there like that is gonna just plug straight onto the back of a shield here and be Max is Well, actually, you can see will plug into these little bits here on the side like that, and then keeps wanting to kind of extend out on its own their toe.
Forgive that.
But anyway, here it is, then attached onto the back of the shield.
So really cool.
So I mean, the weapons themselves are all really cool just by themselves.
But the fact that you can mix and match them and plug the months to the shield, the rifle, all sorts of different ways is just really, really cool.
Just makes for a lot of different posing options and like weaponizing options you can do for the shin under here right now that we're through all of that, let's talk about some of the articulation.
I want to go over the backpack first because I want to remove that for going over the rest of the articulation, just so it's out of the way.
So first off, the big thirst or ponds here are the top can move side to side and also up and down.
So you have a pretty wide range of movement there for those that can also open up.
When you open up the top and bottom, the middle part extends out.
So watch that carefully like that.
It's a little bit of movement, but still pretty cool.
And especially if you've seen the ova or enemy version where that does that in the enemy, it's cool field to recreate that with the model kit here.
So very nice.
And of course, everything looks really good on that field.
Things here are also on Baldwin's income.
You can sort of adjust the angle of those slightly, but not really a whole lot of movement, really, with those that's pretty much it.
Therefore, the backpack.
Luckily, it has a better connection than the H G.
It just kind of slots down into their It's pretty strong, pretty secure connection for that.
So let's go to the head, then head.
You can extend up all the way to their which is actually pretty nice to think really nice upward movement.
There you have a clear green part in there for the mano y as well, really hard to see up inside there.
Although I will say I do wish that Vulcans were in molded gray just that those were molded piece.
Not really that hard to paint, so I'm not really too worried about that.
But it just would've been nice if they were actual.
Several part kind of like with the unicorn than the head will go all the way down to there.
So overall.
Really nice.
It does have a little tiny bit of a seam line here in the back of the head under like the main top are under his hat.
Little have seen line right down the middle of the back of their but it's pretty negligible here for the cockpit.
Half that can open up.
You open up this top part first, this second part here that also opens up like that.
And then the lower part opens down.
You can see are seated.
Pilot figure of full frontal is up inside of there, but not really going to be all that needs to see, I suppose a little close that back up.
As for the articulation of the torso, you got a little bit to the back and maybe just a tiny bit of Fordham back movement.
They're signed a side movement.
Also not really going to be all that existence.
And then also rotation.
We have a little bit here, side to side, Not really whole lot.
So torso, articulation.
Not really all that much.
But again, it's got a heavy backpack.
So having more articulation there in the waste could have been an issue with that.
As for the shoulders, those will extend out to the front all the way to their so not too bad shoulder armor can move up by itself to about there for him noticing, the part's kind of sort of coming apart a little bit like that.
And then, of course, this part here does also move separately on its own there.
And here is where that part will extend out for connecting the shield.
This little part here pops out like that and then hangs down on the shield.
Can hang on that, and you have just never really found it all that practical it really, But it's I guess it's there, anyway.
I suppose so.
The arm can go up all the way.
Thio there, which is more than 90 degrees.
So not too bad upward movement there for that otherwise arm.
Will this work pretty normally?
Hear this rotation there at the top and then a double joint there at the elbow to give you a nice full bend in there like that?
The wrist is on a ball game, then also does have a hinge so you can move that forward and backward advance while the thumb is one piece just on a ball joint.
But the fingers are two pieces each world.
It's it's one and three fingers, so you're the first finger in the 2nd 3rd and fourth thing.
Our joint.
You can slice those apart if you want.
Each finger has a single joint there in the middle of them, so they're not fully articulated fingers.
But like the mostly articulated finger, something pretty good pretty well enough in the back of the arm does also open up the front part kind of Ben's Ford a little bit in the back part can be extended out like that.
And that's where you got your beam saber handles up inside there.
So good, easy way to take them out is just by using the beam saber effect part.
And I'm gonna push that out the back like that and you've got your BBC were handled there or of you.
Put the beams their effect apart in there again.
Stick that up inside the arm like that foursome beam ton for action.
So that's pretty cool down here in the skirt section.
Obviously going to be a little bit limited by the tubing parts here.
The hoses around the waist section are gonna be kind of getting the way a little bit.
But you can move the front skirts up to about there, which is nuts.
Too bad.
But it's gonna be a little bit limiting the science groups as well.
We'll move up to there.
So I'm not bad at all for those back here at the back skirt.
Those will move separately, have some nice color separation with little bits of gray booking out around in different sections on their up underneath the skirt section as well.
Also got a lot of really nice detail up underneath there and up Ernie the front score as well, but it's gonna be kind of hard to see.
But Ugo, it's a nice detail up underneath the skirting armor, which is always nice.
Pip Joint is not on a tracker.
Anything's that doesn't move.
So we just got some rotation here at the top.
You can bring the leg out to the side, nice and far.
No problems with that.
But forward to about 90 degrees.
Looks like it's probably gonna be about the limit of that where the front skirt's gonna be getting the way.
Asked for a knee bend here, this nice need band with some separation of this kind of two parts of the knee armor there, the outer red part in the inner decorative part there for the knee, both separating, giving you a really nice full bend there at the knee.
Very nice clothes that back up.
This part here on the side of the leg can be kind of extended out a little bit a ways from there, and you can rotate that board and back up and down and move that all around.
Basically just gonna be kind of stuck onto the set of legs best you can for most of the time.
This little piece here on the front above the ankle does move up and down a little bit like that here on the back.
This part does also move up and down like that.
The secondary partners also move up and down like that for opening that up and then with ankles, you can get a pretty good aside aside movement there with those I love the kind of design of these sort of like slimmed down says Be feet very, very nice for the design of these little toe bend there and just a little bit and the whole front half the book and also bend up a little bit like that, but not down.
So really going to be able to put the point the toe down a little bit?
It could bring the whole foot down all the way to there.
So that's really nice, for that's up underneath the feet to get some nice detail up under there as well.
And then I just don't want to show you guys a quick size comparison here because the Shin Under is a very big boy.
It's going to be a very large master grade compared to most master grades on.
So, yeah, it's gonna be taking a lot of shelf space.
All right?
So obviously it was so many different weapons combinations.
There is going to be a lot of imposing options.
I'll just go through some of them now to wrap up the review, but I wanted to start off with some of the heaviest options here with the bazooka mounted onto the beam rifle and the long a huge effect parts mounted on two.
The shield Uh, yeah, can hold on to the big giant rifle and bazooka.
That's not gonna able to hold it up straight by any means.
Tried it.
It's just not gonna work, but it can.
Actually, it could hold on to it without dropping it.
So the hand is at least strong enough to lease.
Hang on to that.
It's just going to be you're gonna have a hard time actually having it like up in a sort of firing post.
But either way, it does still look awesome.
Even though it's not firing, even if it's just hang onto it, it still looks really good be among all the different weapons combinations.
Even if you are using some of the heavier ones, you can still do some cool poses with those, even though you're gonna be a little bit limited by them.
But you do have a lot of different options to work with.
So you you I have lots of Jews from anyway.
But if you guys go until I really, really like this kid, there was very little to complain about it.
Aside from the way the weapons there is the steam line on the back of the head.
Little tiny sea mine.
There is the seam line on the thruster on the fuel tanks on the back on Do wish that the little, very little grey events, little square events at the end of the fuel tanks if that was a separate peace.
I feel like if this kid was made today, then that would be a separate peace.
Otherwise, you just have to mask those while you're painting the fuel tanks.
Not really a big deal, but it's just one.
A small little thing.
While I was building, I was just reminded like Oh, yeah, that's like not a super apartment that's too bad.
But otherwise, Yeah, the kid is great.
It looks fantastic.
Despite it may have a little bit of trouble doing some certain poses.
I think whatever oppose you put it in whatever good pose able to get it.
It's gonna look fantastic, and it may be a little bit expensive, but it's very large and a really complex and really nicely put together kids.
So I think, totally justified in the price.
You get a lot of different weapon options, everything in there, a lot of sticker decal options.
Well, the fact that it comes with any waterslides at all is a blessing and that we're just with standard release master grades.
If it's not a Vir Cotto and normally it doesn't come with any water sides at all.
So it's nice to get some water side.
He calls in there for the lining.
The stickers do look pretty good, though.
If you want to use those other otherwise and then you have the regular marking stickers and dry transfers as well.
So a lot of friends di quel options for this to dress it up Even better, some people might think that it's a little bit low on surface detail, and I could sort of understand that yet could have a little bit more in the way of service detail in some areas.
But not really a big thing for me.
I like the look of this just as it is.
But of course you could dress it up, adding more detail into that, if you want it, if you're so inclined.
But I would say as it is, even 10 years later, this is still the best version of the show non Jew.
So if you are a fan of the design than definitely pick up the guest some point and that is it for the review guys again, Thank you for us.
I got in store for their support.
Thank you all for watching.
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MG Sinanju OVA Ver. (Review)

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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