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10 Facts About The REAL Dracula
Still had a thirst for blood. When we hear the name of Dracula we usually think
is “Blood Sucking Vampire”.
Well that’s not entirely true.
Although he was said to have not been a actual vampire, the real Dracula still enjoyed some of the red stuff .
But instead of sucking the blood directly from his victims, he would dip pieces of bread in
their blood.
The fifteenth century manuscript The Story of a Bloodthirsty Madman Called Dracula of
Wallachia, by Michel Beheim, It states that Vlad would invite guests to his home for dinner
and when they’ve finished eating, he would impale them and would let their blood drip
on the table for later consumption.
Dracula Means “Son of Dragon”. So the name “dracula” wasn’t something
made specifically for the gothic novel as Vlad III himself actually preferred to be
called Dracula.
His father, Vlad II, was a member of a secret society known as the Order of the Dragon.
He was so proud to be a member that he had his name changed to “Dracul,” which translates
in Romanian to “Dragon.”
As a child, Vlad III would also get involved in this society in which he would change his
own name to Dracula, which translates to “Son of the Dragon.”
Dracula’s Mother. Although we know quite a bit about his father
and his history with the Order of the Dragon, we know pretty much nothing about his mother.
It was originally believe that his mother was Princess Cneajna of Moldavia, However
that theory is very unlikely as his father was well known for having many mistresses
so it is a complete mystery as to who is Vlad III’s mother.
Tortured Childhood As a child, Dracula live in a time period
of constant war.
Transylvania itself was at the frontier of two great empires that consist of the Ottoman
and the Austrian Habsburgs.
At first, Dracula was imprisoned by the turks and then again by the Hungarians.
Dracula’s father was murdered, while his older brother, Mircea, was blinded with red-hot
iron stakes and buried alive.
This was the turning point in Dracula’s life that made him the killing machine that
he is known for being.
Dracula liked a good laugh. As strict and as ruthless as he may be, It
has been well documented that Dracula enjoyed a good laugh.
Although not a good laugh in a tradition sense more that he really enjoyed all of the torture, pain and suffering that
he dealt out.
So much so you could argument that dracula actually had a sense of humor as he was known for making
some incredibly morbid jokes about his victims as they died.
For example, Dracula would always comment on the way his victims would twitch around
like frogs and would always make casual statement such as “Oh, What gracefulness they exhibit”.
At least his sense of humor is more tame than frankie boyles.
Feared and Respected by all Dracula always liked showing his dominance
when it came to the country he ran.
To show how much his citizens feared him, he placed a gold chalice in the middle of
the town square in Targoviste and he allowed people to drink from it, but the golden cup
had to remain in the middle of town square at all times.
You want to know the results?
Not a single person drank for the chalice.
Everyone was far too scared as they were worried that Dracula would be offended thus sentencing
them to death.
Modern Day Praise. Bram Stoker’s loose interpretation
of him, The Real Dracula still gets praise in our era.
Former Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu who was the communist ruler of the country
from 1965 to 1989, commended Vlad’s patriotism to further his nationalistic agenda, which
targeted Hungarians and other ethnic minorities in Transylvania.
Death Toll. There is no doubt that Dracula was a Sick,
Sadistic ruler, but you’ve got to ask “How many people’s deaths has he been responsible
Well when you consider that Dracula had a passion and a large appetite for death, you
can expect the death toll to be in the thousands.
He was reportedly responsible for at least 40,000 deaths with other reports saying the
death toll is in the 100,000.
His Death. As with any reign, It must come to an end
in some way or form.
Vlad was eventually captured during the Turkish invasion and was decapitated for all his troubles.
His head was then given to the sultan, who impaled it outside his palace so everybody
could see it thus marking the end of his reign of terror.
His Body Disappeared. Even though his reign was ended at the hands
of the Turkish invasion, His legacy still haunts the empire he once ran to this day.
Soon after his head was impaled in front of his own castle, his body was buried in Snagov
Monastery outside of Bucharest.
However reports state that his body was never found there either meaning someone went grave
robbing soon after his death or Vlad the Impaler either rose from the dead reincarnated as
dracula………….Well there’s always the possibility that he faked his death and
he’s hiding out in cuba with tupac.
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10 Facts About The Real Dracula

100 Folder Collection
Vera published on March 20, 2020    Vera translated    Evangeline reviewed
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