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  • So today I'm trying chocolate potato.

  • So it's just fries.

  • But it comes with this double chocolate souls, and I've heard good things, So just the best.

  • Okay, wait.

  • I mean, I'm not a friend.

  • I just feel kind of unnecessary because the potato just this time it's kind of cold.

  • So it's like, So is this kind of like fake chocolates is not like good Children, just kind of greasy, but it's okay.

  • Let me do it to try, but wouldn't 100 Mmm.

  • Way.

  • Oh.

  • Oh.

  • So from what I understand with penguin feeding is they get each fish and they feed it to an individual penguin on DDE.

  • What happens when they feed them is they see the name of the penguin on their tag, Think on their way will flip over one of you.

  • Call it, and they call out the name, and then they get mocked up a list.

  • So I'm pretty sure they do that.

  • Certainly make sure Sorry.

  • That bloody dog make sure that everyone gets one fish each other would be on.

  • It isn't one thing.

  • I have no idea.

  • Anyway, it's gonna be okay.

  • I just got out of the aquarium.

  • I actually had a really good time.

  • It's also just what I needed today.

  • His was just relaxing and calming and just a good time.

  • I really love fish.

  • Yeah.

  • Hello.

  • It's Emma from the future.

  • Um, I just wanted Thio make it quick comments saying that that wasn't my whole day.

  • I also went to a really awesome cat cafe.

  • But I want to make another video about that and talk about my experience with animal cafes before because it's kind of business.

  • But I went to a really good cat cafe and I want to make a video about that tomorrow.

  • So stay change for that and hope you enjoyed.

  • And I'll see you tomorrow night.

  • Bye bye.

So today I'm trying chocolate potato.

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McDonald's Chocolate fries?! -and Sumida Aquarium!!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/20
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