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  • What do you see out there in the dark?

  • In the beginning?

  • Thousands of years way.

  • Look to the stars to find our place in the universe.

  • But I finally show us we don't just days into these worlds beyond Well, listen, we've always called two worlds beyond our own.

  • We're star gazers peering into the universe in search of Theo.

  • Now space, if not silent.

  • In fact, it's full of sounds.

  • For thousands of years we've looked to the stars to find our place amongst the cosmos.

  • But for the very first time you listen to its music to explore these hidden songs.

  • In Cosmo's I created a version reality serious called Spears.

  • It's experience V R headset transport you to worlds beyond our own, where you could reach out and feel the Cosmo's.

  • Between your fingertips, you can become a supernova gravitational wave, a black hole cascading through space.

  • You are the DNA in our bodies case, about many Adams Galaxies, stars, humans and stars are intimately connected.

  • In this experience, you are transported to worlds beyond our own.

  • As you become the celestial bodies.

  • Today we will trace the sounds in the universe in search of the strangest song of all.

  • First, it must begin.

  • This is big yet silence remains way Vittles shake the infinite universe.

  • But sound Was Newt here until 400,000 years after the big day?

  • So what exactly going in by sound a visible to us.

  • The universe is full of waves.

  • If you can see with our eyes, the rest must be found with machines X ray radio gamma getting for red Because humans I can travel to the stars waves like these to bring cost most down.

  • But were beings many senses our eyes can only show us so much.

  • Okay, we can translate these waves into images that we can see but also into songs that look in here.

  • Suddenly these hidden vibrations in the universe become Internation.

  • These are the whispers of the cosmos.

  • Tell us the story of how the universe came to be.

  • Everything springs from nothing And so the universe expands at the same right is our understanding.

  • 100 years ago, we thought that our galaxy stood alone yet to discover that our universe is host two millions about their world.

  • And yet in all that darkness out there in the cosmos, there's something very sure and connected to me about space.

  • Perhaps it's because we're all made of the same material Adams forged in the furnaces of style.

  • Of course, we, too, are made of Start us, just like us.

  • Stars are born.

  • They live and he died.

  • But the death of young stars opens a portal to the universe's darkest corners.

  • Theo thathe rattles the fabric of space opening.

  • Avoid we call a black hole.

  • The black hole's gravity is so strong it ends the universe around it thistles called gravitational lensing.

  • Nothing can escape, not even light.

  • A black hole possesses a boundary that cuts it off from the rest of the universe.

  • Inside on, you might fall forever, for no one has ever seen what awaits inside.

  • Over one billion years ago, two black holes collided, creating a ripple in the fabric of space time and from the spectacular moment of violence that shook space.

  • Time came an everlasting call to the stars.

  • A black hole cried out, placing it in front on the fabric of the universe, a song that was its way of saying, and maybe just, for instance, way stabbed into the skin of a black hole and together we place our in front on the fabric of the universe.

  • This signal sent out from the collision of these two locals finally reach our planet as we heard it right here on Earth gravitational wave barreling its way through our solar system.

  • This message from the darkest edges cosmos in our search for life out there in the universe.

  • Instead, these other worlds back to our voices, like the songs of our very own planets captured by sea.

  • But let us listen to our solar system's staring Planets form from clouds of gas and dust.

  • Each has its own distinct voice created by audible disturbances in space.

  • These rings are composed of comments and shattered collision of dust particles create sounds, articles.

  • They're broken apart by cosmic radiation together, planets in our solar system, our course voices grander than longer.

  • Hers and even themselves.

  • Some that we see so that way.

  • So compared to stars and planets, our lives But France life itself, perhaps street this believe time, what we share together.

  • I used to think, but now I realize that it's always just read it for us two.

  • This planet's voice is different than the rest over billions of years.

  • Chance crafted the strangest sound.

  • They are the loudest sound this planet has ever heard.

  • They're humans.

  • Unlike stars and planets, humans aren't just another note in the music of the cosmos.

  • Their observers of it too.

  • In a mere 200,000 rotations around the sun, They have brought their species to extinction.

  • Theo.

  • And one day, the voice of life Silence!

  • Earth becomes an uninhabited over the universe will not stop singing, but without us.

  • Oh, well, listen to the music of the spheres.

  • What else can you hear out there?

  • What are you?

  • Thank you.

What do you see out there in the dark?

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