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  • with everything that is given to you live this life.

  • You know, this life this Martin on every where you see that head up and just ends Thio I never mind Green before long, son.

  • Because all of my sorrows mm burdens will be vanished in my have died the night before Why is that entangle my homework?

  • Because this love is overtake me and got me higher on this life way with doves in the rings Yeah, yeah Hey, when that was a child I used to dream Yeah, paper planes Could you fly me your way With the moon and the sun And the stars of the place for me A fly with dogs in the crane job When I was a child I used to dream paper planes Do you fly your way with the moon and the sun And the stars of the place for sitting on the top of the tree Pretty smooth humming birds and the bees and the rustle of least harmonized one son It's, um I just want to gaze at the moon on joint tunes in between lights cause of a drunk off the natural body booth So yeah, way Yeah, Yes.

  • Dance in the crazier A When I was a child I used to dream of paper Place to wait with the moon and the sun And the stars have a place for me Yeah flower with the girls in the crazier When that was a child I just dreamed up paper planes Would you fly me?

  • You're great With the moon and the sun and the stars of a baseball mitt Way makes more noise Ladies and gentleman Every day a wake up to millions off information Every day I'm asked to do something or I'm expected to say something Every day I go to work And don't get me wrong I love my job But every day is another day where I spent most of the time in front of a monitor working for somebody else's dream.

  • What about my dreams, though?

  • Like, how can I make them come true?

  • I wanted to find out for myself.

  • Uh, there was something in me telling me pria just do it.

  • And it was not like I wish though, So I decided to temporarily quit my job, Paige my things and go to New York.

  • I wanted to feel free I wanted to feel inspired.

  • I wanted to find answers to my curiosity.

  • To be honest, the first couple of months, I had trouble stepping out of my comfort zone.

  • Uh, you would find me in coffee shops looking for WiFi so I can check my instagram.

  • You'll find me and shopping Mars, wasting my savings on shoes.

  • And at one point I was even, like, you know what?

  • Maybe I'm not that of a musician that I think I am.

  • Maybe I should go back to my safe zone, you know?

  • But then, in my last month, I was in a studio, my friend's house in Brooklyn, And then I played these courts and, um, it suddenly hit me was a feeling that I cannot put into words or imagine you reaching the top of the mountain after along after the whole day of walking, Or that feeling when you look over the scenery, the feeling when you're amazed by the beauty off nature so high that I don't want to come down.

  • Those were my first words to my first song that I released one year ago.

  • And looking back, I am literally in our when I think about all the things that I was able to experience with my brother on my side, producing the whole thing.

  • I was able to travel to cool cities, connect with like minded people, you know, and this is not for bragging purpose.

  • But imagine BBC radio picks her song the song Off the Week or Rolling Stones.

  • India is writing about you because they're acknowledge of work.

  • And this is because I finally stepped into my potential and I believed in myself.

  • And yeah, I just, um, encourage.

  • You are to take a moment each day to sit still and just to listen to your inner voice.

  • Um, but for the next song, don't sit still.

  • Please, please all get up for the last song, please.

  • And I also need you to sing when I sing.

  • And if it's dark outside Big the young of this end of using light house as loud as you can.

  • Yes, okay, let's let's try to.

  • And if it's dark, baby, you'll love this and my name is prayer ago.

  • This is Jeff Gold.

  • We are musicians from Siri.

  • Let's go.

  • You can also sneak your fingers, or you could help each other spread some love If I lost my way Almost sense system If I went a street paintings counting where If I go I could Love is in your life way Can't let this case way Got to dairy Just driving I can't keep going Way we can keep a showing its father, Jew baby Would you leave?

  • No way.

  • Stay together is just ours.

  • You gotta be louder.

  • Nice people, people.

  • Not a lot of nice people people, guy A little Let us take this.

  • Five drove along the sunset We know the stakes this high way came along with those wise no more back and back up Any way we go Put a story more on the second camera onto these things Way got today were just driving I can't keep going I can keep a showing If Father Jubei there would you lead the way way together.

  • Say star Yeah, I love you.

with everything that is given to you live this life.

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Musical Performance | Priya Ragu | TEDxZurich

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