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Hey guys, it's Linda.
I'm going to do something a little different moving forward.
I was watching my old videos.
Like, I've been doing this whole video thing for the past month.
I watched my first video
and I cringed like crazy!
'Cause, in person I'm like this,
like what I'm doing right now.
But my videos,
have been me being like...
Hi everyone, I'm Linda.
I've decided that I'm going to script less,
and I'm just going to kinda tell you what comes.
Because that's really my style.
I'm all about
being present in the moment.
I'm going to allow for things to come to me.
Okay so we'll see how this goes.
So the topic that I wanted to talk to you about
is about
how to trust that voice that's inside of you.
In my last videos, I mean I did give this sort of hint.
You should listen to your inner voice.
You should trust your intuition.
You should follow what feels right.
I talked about these things but I didn't really talk about it and today I want to really talk about it.
A lot of people think that intuition is some sort of magical ability
to be able to tell the future
and know exactly what's going to happen.
And that's not necessarily true.
Intuition is none other than
your feelings.
So it's the same as like,
if you got two job offers,
and they had the same salary, same job description
same job title, everything. Everything was the same.
Okay. Except obviously they were with different companies, different bosses, different teams.
And you had to pick.
Which one would you end up picking?
You end up picking the one that just feels like it's the right job for you.
And why, why do you pick that?
Because you have nothing else to rely on.
You just rely on your gut.
Your gut. You get a hunch that this is the company.
You know, this company, for some reason this boss, this company, this team
something feels right.
That's how you know you have some sort of intuition
because something feels right.
That's what I wanted to clarify because some people think intuition is like "ehh"
As you go on this journey of trusting your intuition
things are going to start to stir up.
or things you're worried about. Concerns,
All these little scary feelings start coming up.
And what a lot of people do when these feelings come up,
they suppress them.
It's like swallowing, it's like...
You know, and then they leave it down.
They leave it in there.
And then they hold onto it.
Like, like a jacket.
This is my fear! This is my pain!
But you know what, there's a way to let it go.
There is a way to completely remove it because it's not part of you,
it's not who you are.
Those things, those thoughts.
They're thoughts.
They're not you!
If you have the ability to actually hear yourself,
then you've already done the first thing
to helping yourself grow and expand
and become more aware.
And that is, by simply noticing.
You need to just start tapping into your feelings.
Your emotions.
And once you can start to feel what's going on,
oh my God.
You're going to start realizing things.
It's like peeling back an onion.
Like, you're going to get, you're going to start peeling, there's going to be tears.
You're going to start peeling, peeling, peeling, it's going to be hard.
But when you really get to the centre of it
you're going to realize that you and everyone else at the core are the same.
That we're all the same.
But that we live our lives,
with a mask on.
We live our lives,
acting and thinking
a certain way because we were programmed to.
But there is so much more.
There is.
First thing to do, I tell you, is to listen to your feelings.
Tap into those feelings, even if they're painful feelings.
'Cause the painful ones are the ones that really teach you the lesson that you're here to learn.
And there's many lessons in pain.
And I can talk about them forever.
But, whatever it is you're feeling
tap into it.
Ask it.
Look at the thought processes, release it.
All right?
So I hope this was helpful to you.
I know this is a bit of a different style video.
To be honest with you,
I can't keep up with the [fake smile]
I mean I'll try...maybe? Um, no.
If you like this video.
And also, visit my website, LindaRaynier.com
Send in your email
and, you'll be on my list.
And on top of that,
I'll be able to
keep in touch with you that way.
So, I respond to everybody's emails
so if you want to chat with me about anything
or you have suggestions for topics,
then let me know!
Subscribe to my channel, subscribe to my website.
And send me a message!
I hope that you have a beautiful, beautiful week.
Stay true to who you are,
tap into those feelings,
be strong,
be positive
and I will see you next week!
I'll see you next Wednesday!
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How to listen to your intuition

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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