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What can I help you with?
I got some, uh, rare whistles here.
Okay, We collected these for a long time.
Yeah, seriously, About 10 years now.
I have about 1000.
What's this one here you got?
Sounds like a chain.
I hear it.
That's definitely a train Whistle.
Whistles I'm bringing in today is a cross section of very rare whistles.
All of them, except one predate 1900.
I've bought, sold, traded for years.
These they're extras.
I'm looking to get 4500.
I'd like to sell the whistles because I'd like to have some money for vacation.
This is a pretty cool collection of whistles.
They are need inventions.
If you think about it.
Most received whistles.
Now is probably sports games.
But back in the day, they were really important for police.
You could hear them march, father, that someone could yell and they used to use these things on the battlefield.
Whistles made of bone wood reads have been made for thousands and thousands of years.
In the 18 hundreds, whistles started being used from everything from trains toe factories to know when you're supposed to go to work.
And when you got off.
This is cool.
That's a World War Gunners little torpedo boat.
Okay, this is a whistle revolver?
No, that's a 18 45 whistle.
That one's the rarest.
That was extremely rare.
E like that.
One best so far.
So what do you want for all of them?
I'm looking to get the whole collection sold.
So I'm looking for 4500.
And how you come up with that price?
They're all extremely rare.
I mean, they're cool.
I mean, it's just I know they fake a lot of these things nowadays.
Some of these anyway.
So if you don't mind, I just want to want to look at him, make sure everything's cool.
Here, let me have me down here.
Make sure all these aerial and we'll talk.
Price Okay?
You bet.
I'm not quite sure why they're bringing a whistle expert in because, frankly speaking, there aren't that many experts in the U.
So I know these whistle to genuine.
These are the whistles.
These air the whistles.
Well, I I hope that among these there would be one of the general service whistles.
And there is.
I thought I would bring along something that goes along with that.
When the first police force was created, the bobbies they started out carrying a nightstick.
And this is one of the original ones from the 18 thirties, and they would carry a wooden clack.
Er, the problem with the wooden clack er was if somebody took that away from you, they could hit you with it.
So by the 18 eighties, they started looking at what could we use to replace the clack er, and they actually ended up with this one, the one that we still think of as the standard Bobby Whistled book.
So what's your concern on Emmerich?
Um, my big concern is Are they real?
Absolutely In any field.
It's amazing how good the fakes congee get.
That's nice.
An extractor.
That's nice.
My favorite one.
This was a big deal late 19th century.
I don't see what we've got here.
That's beautiful.
That one's the rarest in looking at all of these.
I don't see anything on them that has been massively replaced.
They haven't been refinished, so I think all of these air absolutely original.
It's a nice little collection of early whistles.
Okay, Thanks for not a problem.
See you, Jim.
For good to meet you.
Thank you.
All of these whistles are genuine whistles.
If weakened by these, I think he will do fine with them.
Would be a great talking item for people coming into the shop saying What is that?
So they're all legit?
What do you want for them?
I'm not looking at quite that high.
Okay, You got some good stuff here.
You D'oh!
But I have to resell these.
I don't think I'm gonna get those numbers out of.
So that's why I'm taking, like, 1200 bucks.
We'll take this one out of the equation and 1200 would work.
Give you 1000 without that one.
I'm sorry.
12 hundreds, as low as I can go.
That's a killer deal.
I'll go 1100.
Just like them.
Okay, sweet deal.
Go write him up and leave them here.
All right, let me Sure.
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Pawn Stars: HUGE COLLECTION OF RARE WHISTLES (Season 13) | History

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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