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all right.
See us 2019.
And we kicked it off here at the convention center.
Finally on day three.
By heading to in win something, I'm always looking forward to it in one as a show, Something new.
First we gotta think our sponsor And of course, that is course Aaron the Corsair.
One high performance desktop PC.
The I won 40.
I won 60 and I won 83.
Found in the link inscription Blow in one is a brand that I said this before.
So forgive me.
I've already heard this is a brand that they they started off making Cem basic chassis is and stuff.
And then throughout the years, eventually they became like the premier brand of innovations.
Far as I'm concerned, when it comes to let's just make something, who cares what it costs?
We're just gonna make it.
Why the hell done like that chassis over there?
But that's not new.
We saw that a copy text last year.
This right here is the new 928 They say they heard me when I complain, not really complained, but just I personally didn't use in win chassis for a lot of my builds until the D frame two point.
Oh, because of the fact or the D frame not to put whatever.
It's the d frame because it didn't fit more than one radiator.
And because I like to use graphics cards, high court counts he used and just water cool all the things a single 360 normally wouldn't get the job done for me.
So they kind of took what I said in chassis.
I'm assuming they were already designing and just went balls to the wall with it so this particular chassis can fit.
Uh, well, pretty much a TX micro A t x t x Holy crap, T x, my whole cop t X.
I mean, of course, it's got the dominance extreme in there, which you've seen all over.
See Yes, which is just this massively large motherboard.
In fact, I even hope to top my head what the form factor is, but it's got to 24 pin power supply cables on this.
So it's got three of their 140 millimeter crown RGB fans family saw on Twitter that they said they were gonna send to us because I said the players, although great fan.
Not enough static pressure.
They're like, we've got a fan for you.
You're gonna want to check out.
I can feel the air all the way back here, so yeah, that's what they're using All their rads.
You could do dual 420 millimeter radiators.
So that's 3 140 millimeter fans on the top, side by side.
So that shows you how wide the chassis is, which is probably the only complaint having not built in it.
I can't really give you a full in depth list of opinions on the chassis.
But my only observation of something I think might be something I don't like is just the width but you got You can't compromise.
You can't say we're gonna put duel for 20 side by side and still make it narrow.
I mean, it just it doesn't work that way, right?
Like how wide I am.
I I'd like to be narrower, but I can't.
So whatever.
I digress.
Here we go here.
We also have a 2080 tea ice tricks card that is sitting vertical because it does have Native Vertical mount built into it.
And of course, you go horizontal if you want way have 3 140 millimeter fans.
Exhausting air on the back.
Like I said, the 24 twenties on the top bringing their up.
But it comes to air flow.
I'm gonna Hopefully I apologize ahead of time.
If this drops, it won't.
So when you put this on right here, you can see that you have a gap all around it.
So it brings an air off the sides.
You've got this beautiful laser cut piece of aluminum solid piece of aluminum all the way around.
You got rid of the S frame.
I was the one piece, one flat piece of aluminum that they then used a free press brake on there to bend.
Well, they've done basically the same thing.
So it basically seems right here comes all the way up in around back to this side.
Well, right here, actually.
And then you've got a solid bottom piece.
Fact, Let's go take a look at the backside because there's just as much information and design and basically love put into the backside as the front.
So, you know, I'm a fan of fans have offend made of sixpence that's being powered by only three of the fence because apparently six fans was too much.
It was dangerous to remember that duel of 24 pin I mentioned on that motherboard obviously have to have dual power supply, so you could see right here we have our power supply.
Black, black.
It's so it does come with both brackets.
So for this chassis, in fact, this case has so much room in it, they did do reservoir with pump in the front and added another reservoir where the tower rez in the back.
That's why you're seeing so much crazy water flow because these pumps are also running full speed.
All the parts are supplied by Ikea that obviously the water coming parts come in the chassis, but they're showing what you could do with it.
So if you don't want to run both power supplies, obviously you take one of the brackets out and you have more room on the back to mount more hard drives and stuff in.
There may not be native support on the back of the motherboard trade that's threaded, but of course, with a double sided tape, you could do anything.
But it does have two and 1/2 inch and three and 1/2 inch hard drive.
SST support on the motherboard, Trey.
Holes drilled.
Use your screws and mountain there.
So this is what happens.
I think when you have an amazing design team, that's kind of like how do we went up ourselves where you come up with the 90?
Wait, that's how you do it.
Anyway, guys, Thanks for watching our coverage Here.
C s 2019 0 I forgot to mention the thumbscrews.
These air not outsourced.
These are CNC Mills.
Done screws out of aluminum.
The amount of effort they put into just a thumb.
All right, guys, check out how insane in one is by going in one dot com.
But you guys can also check out the rest RCs coverage and course a huge thank you to coarse hair.
First monitoring today's trip.
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In-Win 928... This PC case is INSANE!

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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