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  • if it doesn't really look like the hair and a bear coming their brains out, then it won't read on TV.

  • Hi, I'm Marcie Kramer.

  • And my job that Conan is to make a sculpture of a hair and having sex with the bear every day.

  • Just a case of sketch balls for that.

  • Every morning at 9 a.m. We have a department meeting where we get our assignments.

  • Thank you very much, sir.

  • Marcie, I'm gonna need you to bake a paper mache, a sculpture of a great hair and making love to a grizzly bear.

  • Marcie, I tell you this every day we don't need that script.

  • Has never called for it.

  • But we might goddamn needed today, Greg, Did you think about that?

  • Did you think about that?

  • My co workers are nice people, but they lack vision.

  • It's like soccer.

  • Great Payson don't go to where the ball is.

  • Go to where the ball will be, but instead a soccer.

  • It's a sculpture of a bird, deep dicking, a bear.

  • That's not what I told you to make.

  • You know what I asked you to make?

  • I'm making it.

  • Do what I asked you to do.

  • All right?

  • You're the boss.

  • I'm really good at reading people.

  • I find that when people say Marcie, please don't make that sculpture burn a bare fucking they really mean is Marcy, You know, best make that sculpture.

  • So every morning, I wake up and I make my sculpture so I could prevent this show being ruined because no one made a replica of a hair on having sex with a bear gets so.

  • But your mouth, the most tense part of my day is an hour before show time.

  • Because that's when our head writer comes in and reviews all over work.

  • Hey.

  • Hey, Marcy.

  • I don't have time for this.

  • Gonna take horses, I tell you, every single day we don't need.

  • You don't have a sketch like Nicole Kidman's inter species mating zoo?

  • No.

  • Like as a close orbit in the worst moments for themes, we don't waste time.

  • Stop making this shit, okay?

  • You don't want it.

  • You want it?

  • You don't want it.

  • I guess.

  • E Marcie, I'm not firing her because the day she started working here, she gave me a photo of me and my family eating dinner.

  • She burned two faces off with the match and then she wrote on top Kill family If job go away and then on the back, she wrote to hell back.

  • Sometimes I lose my composure a little when my sculptures and used theme Next day I'm all smiles and right back at it, Marcie will need the paper mache, a sculpture of a great hair plucking a grizzly bear for the last time.

  • We don't need that.

if it doesn't really look like the hair and a bear coming their brains out, then it won't read on TV.

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