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  • S 2019.

  • Here we are at a suit.

  • Aces always has something fun and exciting to show, and they are definitely a heavy hitter when it comes to notebooks and kind of come up from crazy designs.

  • But before we talk about that, we have to talk about our sponsor and that being Corsair and the new course there won.

  • I won 40.

  • I won 16.

  • I won 80.

  • High performance desktops learn more by clicking the link in the structure below.

  • This right here is what's being called the a Seuss mothership.

  • And so it's Here is the thing with laptops.

  • If you're professional, that's on the go.

  • You might be used to working through or out of a laptop all the time.

  • But what kind of sex is dealing with the whole docking?

  • And if you're gonna, if you're gonna be a Mac user, whatever you could do with the dock and then it hooked up to a monitor and all that sort of stuff.

  • But then when you're done, you included plugged uncle or thunderbolt or doctor, whatever you know, if you go or there's the kind of the lesser desirable situation was where I find myself having this big, giant, powerful desktop, and then I've got to go somewhere like CS right Then grab another laptop that has to then be Windows updated and driver updated and software update all the things that I may not have used it in several weeks or whatever.

  • And then here you are having to deal with all that before you leave in an unfamiliar type of setup.

  • Well, that's sort of use case scenario that the mother ship is designed to sort of tackle.

  • Now this is a desktop replacement that we've seen some big, giant, heavy laptops, and usually all that means when they say desktop replacement is we took high end mobile and or maybe desktop components, shoved them into a case but a screen on it and then called it a desktop replacement.

  • And then, really, the thing that makes it like a desktop it's affected nearly weighs as much as one.

  • But it solves a lot of drawbacks to a laptop.

  • Now, what we've got right here is the reason why they call it the mothership is what I'm just gonna assume it's it's got this kind of a convertible aspect to it.

  • and I'm gonna try and do this without having it go horribly wrong.

  • I've never tried to convert this, but this is a convertible.

  • So the first thing we're gonna go ahead and do here is open up.

  • I'm upside down already.

  • Push it down.

  • And this is gonna activate this sort of a hinge that pops out just like that.

  • So now we've got what just converted into basically a monitor.

  • We can now flip down this guy right here, which now has our keyboard.

  • And now we have a fully functional could act like a like a desktop.

  • But this guy can also detach and turn into its own keyboard and trackpad now, making it more of a sort of like a docked scenario here.

  • Now, in terms of specs, it is featuring Intel I nine and a fully fledged Artie X 2080 desktop GPU in this and then in terms of the storage configuration.

  • So they actually take an eight x from the CPU and split that into two for exes.

  • And they've got one for ex coming from the chip sets.

  • You can have three m 30.2 on pc I expressed that can also be rated in raid zero for 8700 megabytes per second.

  • In this, When I'm not to storage, just getting bigger and bigger no longer do you really have to sacrifice the amount of capacity they could look up to this.

  • Then, of course, the USB, Type C and thunderbolt you can add on additional storage and devices.

  • Not only that, it's got really good sound.

  • Has four watt speakers on this that are definitely gonna fill a room.

  • One of my biggest complaints with thin laptops is there is no excuse to have terrible audio ever since I purchased my Microsoft surface.

  • That I use is my on the go kind of, ah, little work notebook type Gil.

  • The sound that comes out of that would fill a studio, let alone small room.

  • So ever since hearing those speakers, I've been telling brands you have no excuse to have terrible sound, and if them form factor left up now it comes in at about £10 so it's it's still requires a little bit of heft when you go to pick it up.

  • But the idea here is that it's a zero compromises desktop replacement that could go with you and convert into these various use scenarios that allow you to, uh, well, like I said, non compromise.

  • So tell me what you guys think I asked them, specifically said, You guys find a lot of people requesting this sort of a desktop replacement computer, and the answer was like, Oh, yeah, all the time.

  • So, yes, this is what Jesus is showing the A Seuss mothership.

  • Like I said, son off in the comments below on how you guys feel about this.

  • And of course, thanks for watching RCs coverage is brought to you by Corsair like it said in the new course Air One.

  • So click the link description blow to learn more.


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