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Back with my friend Khalid.
And you have not been here.
And I saw you at the Grammys the other night.
We were sitting right next to each other.
But you haven't been here in three years.
Oh, my god, it's been three years.
Three years.
Literally since you've been here,
six Grammy Award nominations, three American Music Awards,
sold out arena tours.
I mean, you have blown up, man.
Oh, my god.
Thank you.
It's kind of crazy.
I can remember that day like the back of my hand.
I was so nervous.
And I had no idea of what was going
to happen to me in my life.
But it was all about just being positive,
you know, keeping positivity within me.
And I really give it up to the fans.
Because the fans are the reason I'm
selling out all these shows, and I'm selling these records,
and winning these awards.
So thank you so much, everybody, for all the support.
It's been amazing.
Yeah, well, certainly, you relate,
and they connect to you, and relate to you.
Your first CD, I think, has been streamed over four billion
times, which is--
it's a lot.
Whoa, whoa.
It's a lot.
It's a heavy number.
And you've collaborated with so many people.
But early on, you collaborated with Billie Eilish.
Oh, my God.
I mean, how cool is that?
And look at both of you now.
She's such a queen.
I love Billie so much.
And from the moment that I heard her voice,
I knew she was going to be a star.
And so yeah it's really cool.
Because, I mean, we're friends.
So when we made "Lovely," when we made the collaboration,
it was in her brother's room, me, her brother,
and Billie, Finneas-- shout out to Finneas.
And we just had so much fun making that song.
I feel like we believed in it the moment that it came out.
I knew it was going to be huge.
And I'm so proud of her success.
And she's a superstar.
And I love her so much.
Yes, she is, you both are.
So the song you just sang, "Know Your
Worth," what is that about?
Oh, my God.
I think I know.
Well, doing all these shows, my favorite part
of doing the shows is the meet and greets.
I love talking to people.
I love hearing what people have to say
and kind of what they want for me.
And for me, something that really stuck with me
was know your worth.
I feel like sometimes I have trouble knowing my worth,
and realizing my worth.
And I feel like that's something that we can all relate to.
And it's just such a feel good song, makes you want to dance,
makes you want to move.
It's a good song.
It's all about, like I said earlier,
just spreading positivity, being positive, having fun,
and knowing your worth, for sure.
We all need to know our worth.
That is true.
That is true.
And live our best life out here.
It's too short.
Life is too short.
I want to thank Khalid, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Justin
I will see you tomorrow.
Be kind to one another.
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Khalid on the Moment He Knew Billie Eilish Was a Star

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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