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  • Sir Ben Kingsley: I had a picture of Anne Frank in my coat pocket. And I would say to

  • this picture of this beautiful girl, before takes, "I'm doing this for you." A simple,

  • a simple direct line, from me to her. And, um, I was thrilled beyond measure when Robert

  • Dornhelm asked me to play Otto in the film, because, because I already loved her, um,

  • unequivocably.

  • Before I started filming, I was asked to visit Miep Gies, who was the secretary who kept

  • them alive. And Miep was in her 90s, and, I remember, um—I am actually quite allergic

  • to coffee; it's not very good for meand Miep, bless her, came into her living room

  • in the apartment in Amsterdam with, with this tray of coffee and said, "Would you like some

  • coffee?" I said, "I'd love some!" Of course, I was hyperactive and shaky for the rest of

  • the afternoon. She was a wonderful woman. I've had the opportunity of, of having dear

  • Itzhak Stern's widow, Sophie, on my arm in the last scene of the film [Schindler's List]—that

  • was Sophie Stern, on my arm. I had the privilege of meeting Simon [Wiesenthal] and loving him.

  • And also Miep. There’s a lovely photograph in our house on the mantelpiece, of myself

  • and Miep Gies with this painting of Anne Frank between us, she's, she's thereit's just

  • an accident of the photographbut there she is, smiling, beautiful, photograph of

  • Anne.

  • And there was, a lovely man, I think he was George, I think he was called George. And,

  • he was, there was a knock on my trailer door and my assistant at the time who was looking

  • after that movie, said, um, "There's an old friend of Otto Frank's would like to say 'hello'."

  • And I was completely in my Otto disguise. My Otto's, my costume, my pencil moustache

  • make-up, and lovely, thinning hair, that Otto had, Otto Frank. So I said, "Yeah, I'll go."

  • I opened my trailer door, and George went, "There's my friend!" And hugged me and hugged

  • me and hugged me. And that direct linethe generosity of people who have lost so much,

  • you know, who actually say, "Go on, yes, tell the story." Like Simon watching me, all of

  • these extraordinary gestures that help us make something out of nothing. And all the

  • research—I have great respect for actors who research and research and research. I

  • do very little. I rely on the floating molecule to breathe on, or whatever you want to call

  • it, and extraordinary gestures like that. Why did I have that picture in my pocket?

  • Why was that picture put on my dressing room table? Why does this man come across Amsterdam

  • to walk onto a film set and knock on a trailer door, and then, of all the beautiful gifts,

  • he just says, "There's my friend. There, there he is."�

Sir Ben Kingsley: I had a picture of Anne Frank in my coat pocket. And I would say to

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