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  • cool it takes is one good.

  • Find mine.

  • Yep.

  • Jack Begley and metal detection expert Gary Drayton continue searching the spoils recently excavated at Smith's Cove.

  • I don't think we're pretty much done with this part.

  • You know what we should go for?

  • That good stuff is that was on the knee fat structure.

  • So let's see if we can get looking like, Oh my, this is interesting.

  • It was while investigating the structure one week ago that the team discovered a decorative piece of lead possibly connected to the medieval cross found two years ago in Smith's Cove, which was dated to be over 700 years old.

  • If this lead this peace, let Gary phoned at the end of the slip Way had the same origins.

  • Is the cross from the same mind in the same time period?

  • It lends credence to the whole thing you connect across to the slip away.

  • It's the same construct by the same people.

  • We've always looking for the who what, when, where, why and how old things.

  • And this might connect those spirit dots.

  • Let's go for this good sandy stuff for Billy to don't, Missy must be of interest.

  • Sole heir has been really turned up.

  • Yeah, signally Jack.

  • All right.

  • It's a screamer.

  • Well, nice.

  • What might one of those small crib in Spike's rule I and my mistaking that very well war.

  • They're also share the same kind of shape.

  • We'll have that little one little area.

  • It's corroded more than anywhere else.

  • I think it's exciting.

  • It's a couple 100 years old.

  • Least that's the same day a CZ d slip away.

  • Well, maybe even older.

  • In the past four weeks, the Oak Island team has discovered a number of similar objects in this same area.

  • But could the cribbing spikes that the team has been finding it?

  • Smith's Cove also be connected to the recently discovered led artifact.

  • And could it offer evidence that the newly unearthed wooden structure is actually much older than the slip away discovered last year, which was scientifically proven to have been built in 17 69?

  • This is a really cool spy, and it's an old ideas.

  • Well, this has been sitting at the side of the slip way for hundreds of years, but I am a little bit dismayed, but lack of facts of coins from the guys who built the structure.

  • It baffles me that we're finding so little his bloody head scratching my I'm still not giving up mine.

cool it takes is one good.

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