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I don't know what to say I don't
think I like being in front of the
I'm shy
check out my LEIFTECH hey it's paulo
check out my blog so i got this board is
called that leave tech bored i got it
from a company in the US
what's cool about it is that I'm
actually a snowboarder and I really
enjoy snowboarding but unfortunately it
doesn't snow all the time especially
here in Tokyo what I found was this
company called LEIFTECH and they
produce a cool electronic skateboard and
what's cool about it you can actually
snowboard the streets
it has four wheels on the outside just
like a normal skateboard but it also has
these two Center wheels like little
caster systems that rotate 360 degrees
so what you'll find is you can actually
slide and going two turns as if you were
on a snowboard it's a new board so
there's still a lot of work i think that
guys or need to to do but delivers it's
quite a good time anyways be rolling
through Tokyo check out this blog
putting the battery on is the most
painful thing out of this whole process
and you gotta do it a lot because
battery runs out every 45 minutes the
this is really i'm done now on the
battery process
I'm not comfortable this is the saddest
part no more batteries gotta go home
time to pack up
ready to go
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Riding my Leiftech in Tokyo Japan (Unaffiliated Customer Review)

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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