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  • We're gonna ride a boat through the gorge on this beautiful river.

  • Here's Sharla, and Chris and Jun.

  • This adorable man came up to us and handed us fish food

  • so that we can feed the little fishes in the water.

  • That was so sweet. Let's get the fishes.

  • Have a nice ride.

  • There's a goza sheet. Nice.

  • So cool.

  • First thing about this gorge is that...

  • my sock has a hole.

  • We're leaving shortly.

  • He's going to guide the boat with this.

  • Thank you for coming to Geibikei gorge.

  • Pleased to meet you all.

  • That's cool.

  • He got a fish.

  • Most areas here are shallow.

  • So if you happen to fall in,

  • just stand up please.

  • You don't need to swim.

  • These rock walls around us are all limestone.

  • Trees are coming out of them.

  • It's known as Mirror Rock.

  • The reflection of the water sparkles on the water on the rock.

  • There's a string of wisteria going around the rock.

  • So it's called Wisteria Rock.

  • That's all.

  • We often get river mist in summer,

  • The mist sits beautifully on the water

  • and it looks like a cloud.

  • That rock wall over there is...

  • Japanese Grand Canyon.

  • I've been avoiding deep areas so please don't worry.

  • Why don't I go in deep areas?

  • My pole isn't long enough.

  • I won't be a boatman but just a troubled man.

  • It was a Japanese joke.

  • That's an offertory box.

  • It's tilted so it's easier to throw coins in.

  • I heard 500 yen coins are the best to throw in.

  • Heavy and easy to throw far.

  • You did it.

  • This is the last spot on the way up.

  • Please look behind you.

  • First, you can see a tired boatman's face.

  • Anyway,

  • the right one is the Male Rock, and the one on the left is the Female Rock.

  • This famous view is used for posters and TV commercials.

  • So here, you can buy five balls for a dollar,

  • and you try to throw it in that hole over there.

  • And if we get it, do we get another wish?

  • I'll do my best!

  • So what do we have?

  • Fate, luck, bound, wish, connection.

  • Hey, that was really close!

  • They have ema here.

  • We're gonna get one and share it, split between everyone.

  • Jun got one of the rocks in the hole, so we'll use Jun's power to make our wishes.

  • What did you write, Sharla?

  • It's a secret.

  • Top secret.

  • It won't come true if you show everyone.

  • Right.

  • Two best friends.

  • Another boat arrived.

  • This is the last announcement from me.

  • Did anyone get your wish-balls in the hole?

  • I did.

  • Wonderful.

  • Only you? Wow.

  • Great job.

  • All your wishes will come true.

  • Wish balls only last for a year.

  • Really? They have expiration date?

  • Then, I'll come back next year.

We're gonna ride a boat through the gorge on this beautiful river.

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Geibikei Gorge | Japan

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/19
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