Welcome to VoiceTube! Let's start learning English.
Start by choosing one of your favorite videos on the webpage. Click on it and you will get a screen like the one below.
VoiceTube can adjust to the user's learning style according to your listening habits!

1. Different learning modes   2. Turn English subtitles on/off   3. Adjust the speed   4. Adjust the font size   5. Create hotkeys
6. Hide the right block   7. Hide the transcript   8. Play the sentence   9. Turn shadowing mode on/off
10. Click on words to view their definitions and save them

Personalized Video Player

  • Back, Forward, Repeat

    Back, Forward, Repeat

    Click the Left arrow to repeat the previous sentence. Click the Right arrow to repeat the next sentence. Click Repeat to listen to a single sentence repeatedly. White indicates [Repeat] is off.

  • Select Subtitles

    Select Subtitles

    Click on the language to turn on subtitles. Red indicates subtitles are on. Grey is off.

  • Adjust Speed

    Adjust Speed

    The speed is set to [Normal] by default. If you find it to be too fast, you can choose [Slow] to make it easier to follow.

  • Instant Translation

    Instant Translation

    Double-click the word to view its definition. Highlight important words and sentences to help improve your vocabulary.

  • YouTube Player Function

    YouTube Player Function

    Choose Play, Pause, Adjust Volume or Time. You can also adjust the quality and watch the original video on YouTube.

  • Video Information

    Video Information

    Below the player, you will see the video title and publisher.

Easy Learning Steps

  • Transcript Functions

    Customizable Transcript

    When using the transcript you can choose to have previously selected, specific vocabularies marked in different colors, and to turn on/off the sentence highlighting.

  • Transcript, View Word Categories, Adjust Font,  Print Screen

    Move At Your Own Pace

    Playing a sentence from the transcript will direct the video to that part. As with subtitles, you can translate, highlight and save important words and sentences.

  • Save Words and Sentences

    Create Your Own Vocabulary

    Saved word definitions and highlighted sentences will show up in the Vocabulary section. You can also use the pronunciation function to hear the word again.

  • Personal Learning Record

    Progress Bar

    Keep track of all your learning stats! See how many videos you have watched, and record your learning time. We suggest you spend 15 to 30 minutes a day on VoiceTube to improve your English.

  • Saved Words and Sentences

    My Word Bank

    View all your translated, saved vocabulary and highlighted sentences in your personal learning space. Click on a word to see all videos that contain that word.

  • Tracking

    Track Your Activity

    Here you'll find all your published, collected and watched videos — is there any video you haven't finished watching but would like to? Find them here!