Learn by watching videos paired with supplementary videosEnhancing articulation analysis and vocabulary memorizing

Unlimited articulation analyses via AI, unlimited times of vocabulary/sentence review, and tracking of comprehensive learning journey allow you to see your growth

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Pro features

  • AI articulation analysis

    Establish language intuition via shadowing Articulation practice available for every sentence in every video to ensure correct pronunciation for every word

  • Vocabulary / Sentence Review

    Real-time saving of vocabulary and sentences while watching videos Unlimited reviews after viewing by multiple-choice questions and sentence construction to improve memory.

  • Learning Records

    Including consecutive days of learning and videos watched, making learning accomplishments visible, naturally strengthening motivation.

AI articulation analysis

Articulation analysis based on video sentences by comparing vocabulary precision to fine-tune your pronunciation and speaking familiarity.

How to review with Pro

  • Review vocabulary definition

    Unlimited reviews of saved vocabulary and pair vocabulary with their correct definition to strengthen your impression of them.

  • Review through sentence-based exercises

    Reconstruct your saved sentences that have been deconstructed to hone your listening and sentence construction skills; reconstruct the sentences based on what you hear.

You have to give the greatness of Pro a try!

You have to give the greatness of Pro a try!

Save video vocabulary and subtitle sentences to further review and enhance memory.

Try Pro for free