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Reportedly, 80 percent of ocean plastic is coming from those countries that have extreme poverty. And if you live in the grips of poverty concerned, always, about food or shelter or a sense of security, recycling—it's beyond your realm of imagination.
據報導,海洋塑膠有 80% 是來自極度貧窮的那些國家。如果你的生活十分貧窮,總是要擔心食物、避風遮雨的地方或安全感,那麼回收完全在你想像之外。

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What is one thing that you do (or could do) to use less plastic?
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Key Vocabulary
1. poverty  
poverty  [ˈpɑvərti]  (n.)
impoverished  [ɪmˈpɑvrɪʃt]  (adj.)
needy  [ˈnidi]  (adj.)
2. to be in the grip(s) of  
grip  [grɪp]  (n.)
3. shelter  
shelter  [ˈʃɛltər]  (n.)
sheltered  [ˈʃɛltərd]  (adj.)
4. security  
security  [sɪˈkjʊrəti]  (n.)
safety  [ˈseɪfti]  (n.)
5. realm  
realm  [rɛlm]  (n.)
scope  [skoʊp]  (n.)