• US /æn'tɑ:rktɪkə/
  • UK /æn'tɑ:ktɪkə/
  • An extremely cold continent at the south pole almost entirely below the Antarctic Circle; covered by an ice cap up to , feet deep
  1. The only place on Earth I can get some fucking peace and quiet.
  2. THE BEST CONTINENT IN THE WORLD. It is composed of frozen land, penguins, a population of a few hundred scientists, penguins, ice, and more penguins.
    It's 11 AM, yet the sun is still absent in Antarctica.
  3. The large, unsettled frozene expanse beneath the phallic shapes of Africa and South America. You can get free ice there.
    I went to Antarctica for free ice cream.
  4. The earth's southern most continent, known for its abundantly freezing climate, beneath which Aliens and Predators apparently battle to the death with human beings as the bait.
    Antarctica is a lot like the United States of America from a modern metaphorical viewpoint.
  5. A place where all the major countries have bases. Jobs feature everything from marine biologists to janitors (someone has to clean up). As well as firefighters (mainly because everything runs on highly flammable jet fuel that won't freeze).
    It's so cold in Antarctica, my nuts broke off.
  6. The southernmost landmass and continent. According to the Antartcic treaty, this continent is free to all nations, however some nations have scientific claims to certain areas. It is illegal to drill for oil or perform nuclear testing . Because of its lack of development it is the most pristine land in the entire world and has become an expensive cruise ship destination (altough going on land is often restricted, and some oil tankers have crashed near and killed penguin populations.) The largest living thing on the interior continent is a small, almost microscopic species of mosquito. Penguins, auks, and terns live on the ice caps on the fringes of the continent. The highest mountain is the Vinson Massif, at 16,066 feet. Antarctica was originally a part of Pangea. 50 million years ago it was a temperate continent near where modern Austrailia is today. This is why dozens of species of dinosaur have been discovered here.
    Ernest Shackleton was only 7 miles away from discovering the South pole when he turned back. Ronalds Amundsen was the first man to reach the South Pole in Antarctica, which for any direction you could only go north
  7. The only continent on Earth that's not owned by anyone and has no permanent population. It might one day be colonized and become a single country.
    Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth.
  8. It doesn't exist. Period.
    Has anyone you know ever been to Antarctica? Case in point.
  9. A continent that is very far south. It is also quite large. The South pole is there. No one permenantly lives there. Antarctica also happens to be freakin' cold.
    CrazyFoo': Antarctica is where the penguin army of doom happens to hang out.
  10. The only continent on Earth where you can overclock without worrying about temperatures at all.
    Ha I overclocked my QX6800 to 4.5ghz on Antarctica. And it runs at -10 degrees Celsius.