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The Power of Now (Psychological Time vs. Clock Time)

  1. anxious (a.)憂慮的,焦急的;渴望的,急要的
  2. appointment u任命,選派;c職位;c約會,約定,約
  3. appointmentsNoun DJ /əˈpointmənt/appointments plural noun; an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place.she made an appointment with my receptionistsynonyms:meeting, engagement, interview, arrangement, consultation, sessionan act of appointing; assigning a job or position to someone.his appointment as presidentsynonyms:nomination, naming, designation, installation, commissioning, engagement, co-optionfurniture or fittings.the room was spartan in its appointments
  4. concept 概念,觀念,思想
  5. dismiss(vt.)解散;消除,不考慮,免…的職,解雇,開除;遣散
  6. distinction 差別,區別;特性,特徵;卓著,榮譽
  7. dwell (v.)住,居住,居留
  8. guilt 罪行,內疚
  9. honor 榮譽,頭銜,信用,尊敬,名譽,閣下,勛章(vt.)尊敬,授予榮譽,承兌,實踐
  10. persistent (a.)固執的,堅持的,持續的
  11. practical (a.)實際的,實踐的;實用的,應用的;有實際經驗的
  12. projection 發射,計劃,突出部分,設計,推測
  13. projections設計,規劃[U][C]
  14. tension u拉緊,繃緊;緊張;張力,拉力,牽力(vt.)拉緊,繃緊,使緊張
  15. utilize (vt.)利用
  16. witness 証人,目擊者,証據,証明,証詞(vt.)目擊,作証,証明,表明,經歷(vi.)作証人